Ellen: Bad Real Estate Ads | Real Estate Agents Gone Wrong


Ellen: Really Real Realtors

To celebrate the improving economy, Ellen DeGeneres revived one of her photo segments, exposing the ludicrous advertisements put together by some real estate agents.

“Most professions don’t really show you their photos when they advertise, but for some reason, realtors do,” Ellen said. You’ve probably seen them on park benches or buses.


Ellen found an ad for Brad Lamb in Canada, which featured the man’s head in a space helmet, hovering above the earth. But his head was attached to the body of a lamb.

Ellen: Bad Real Estate Ads

Ellen featured the silly and ridiculous ads placed by some real estate agents.

Ellen: Bad Real Estate Agents Ads

Next was Dorita Mayeux, a Florida realtor who posed in her portrait with a bag of Doritos. I wonder how Doritos feels about this.


Ellen: Real Estate Ads Gone Wrong

A bus bench advertisement for Wendy Wacko didn’t even have a photo with it. Ellen just poked fun at her unfortunate name.

“That’s not the first wacko I’ve seen on a park bench,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Real Estate Agent Ads

Sandi Ohms in California played off her tagline “Shopping for a realtor?” by posing in the basket of a shopping cart. That has got to be uncomfortable.

Another of Sandi’s ads featured her posing on the moon with a real estate sign.

Ellen Web Video: Howling Dog

Ellen highlighted a web video featuring a harmonica playing baby and a harmonizing, howling dog. What a bunch of horrible noise.

“Now I remember why I don’t have kids, or harmonicas,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Classic Joke Monday

Ellen dished out another punny joke for her weekly segment.

  • What was the weatherman’s forecast for the rap concert?
  • He said you could expect a Lil Wayne.

Check out the jokes shared between Hugh Grant, Sophia Grace & Rosie.

EllenShop.com – Beach Towel

To get you ready for summer, Ellen has added a beach towel, beach ball, and other products to her store at ellenshop.com. She even sent the beach ball into the audience for them to play with.

Also in the shop are ping pong paddles, and to demonstrate, Ellen tried to play ping pong across the stage with Tony. Despite the glare from the lighting, they managed to get off a few rounds.


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