Ellen: Ashton Kutcher Naked & Seriously I’m Kidding Review


Ellen Talks About Ashton Kutcher Naked And About Seriously…I’m Kidding

Ellen talked at great length about how she recently had Ashton Kutcher naked on the show. Then she reviewed her new book, Seriously…I’m Kidding.

Ashton Kutcher Naked On Ellen

Ellen Ashton Kutcher Naked Nude Seriously I'm Kidding

Ellen said that it was a surprise when she had Ashton Kutcher naked on the show (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen could not stop talking about how Ashton Kutcher got naked the last time he was on the show. She mentioned it first during her opening monologue.


“People have been asking if Ashton was actually naked,” she said. “He was wearing a nude colored sock. Unfortunately, it was on his foot.”

When she showed clips from when Ashton was nude, it was pretty apparent that he wasn’t actually naked. He had some sort of nude-colored undergarment on.

She kept talking about it even after she danced through the audience. This seemed kind of cheap to me. People get the point. Ashton Kutcher was naked on the show. It seemed like she was waffling about it just because she knew it was sensational.


The other thing that annoyed me was she claimed that it was a total surprise to everyone on set, as though Ashton did it without consulting anyone. That seemed plausible. Perhaps Ashton has a good enough relationship with Ellen that he felt comfortable doing that.

But then Ellen mentioned that they did multiple takes of the moment. How do you do multiple takes of something that was totally a surprise? Perhaps she was kidding. In any case, it seemed like she was trying to make a pretty obviously staged moment seem like a much bigger deal than it really was.

Ellen: Unused Take From Ashton Kutcher Nude Moment

Ellen showed a clip of the take that wasn’t used. It was actually a lot of funnier than the one they used. Ashton was stretching his arms over his head and bending backwards so that his crotch would bulge out more. He looked at Ellen’s mother, Betty, and said, “What d’ya say, Momma?”

Betty laughed and said, “I’m not looking at you.”

Raising the stakes a little higher, Ashton walked over and sat down right next to Betty and said, “Let’s do this.”

It was kind of delightfully awkward.

After the clip was over, Ellen said, “I don’t think my momma found that very funny. At least, that’s what her lawyers told me.”

Ellen also mentioned this moment during her 1500th episode. Read the recap of that episode here: Ellen Degeneres 1500th Episode: Ashton Kutcher Naked Backstage?

Ellen Seriously…I’m Kidding Review

Ellen has written three books, and every single one has an ellipsis in its title. Her first was called The Funny Thing Is…. Her second was called My Point…And I Do Have One. Her newest book is called Seriously…I’m Kidding

Ellen urged her audience to read her newest book, Seriously…I’m Kidding.

“It really is my favorite book so far so I think you’ll enjoy it,” she said.

Paul Ryan Reads Ellen During Obama Speech

Ellen said her new book, Seriously…I’m Kidding, is so good that people can’t seem to put it down after they start reading it. To prove her point, she showed a video clip from President Obama’s recent speech about jobs.

The camera cut from Obama’s face to a close up of a congressman. It was hard to tell who it was, because his head was faced down. However, I’m pretty sure it was Paul Ryan.

After the close up of the congressman’s face, Ellen edited in an over the shoulder shot of a man’s hands highlighting passages from her book. It was meant to look as though the congressman were reading the book during the president’s speech.

“That was rude,” Ellen said. “The president should quiet down so he can read.”


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