Ellen: 2015 Calender, Twitch in Magic Mike 2 & New Drama Black + White


Ellen: Commercials

Ellen kicked off the show today by talking about what she and Portia did over the weekend: tennis, golf, ballroom dancing, and motocross racing. Those are all things they watched on TV. They also watched some football, which means they saw some commercials. They learned Pizza Hut is willing to put a lot of things into its crust.

Ellen TV: Guest DJ Twitch

Ellen welcomed Twitch today, who returns as her guest DJ. Twitch was a guest DJ for Ellen for a long time. It’s always cool to see him spinning in Ellen’s studio.


Ellen: 2015 Calender, Twitch in Magic Mike 2 & New Drama Black + White

Ellen welcomed Twitch back as a guest DJ and he announced he’s going to be in Magic Mike 2. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Twitch met Channing Tatum recently and he asked Twitch to join the cast of Magic Mike 2Twitch said he wasn’t worried about the dress code for the movie (or lack thereof), but he was nervous about getting waxed from neck to toe. To make him feel better, Ellen said she’ll keep him company to calm him down. She’s also going to bring a camera crew to see how it goes.

Ellen: 2015 Calendars

Ellen said 2015 calendars are already out and to demonstrate, she showed one of New York City cabdrivers. These cabdrivers were not in good shape, but for some reason someone made a calendar of them anyway.


Ellen wanted to make a calendar herself, so she made one with attractive staff members from her show. January through March was Nick the Gardner. April was Ari, who kept his shirt on and gave a big shrug in the picture.

Ellen said she wanted Nick the Gardner to be in Magic Mike 2. Twitch wondered if he was waxed and Ellen said she thought so.

Ellen TV: Black & White Trailer

Ellen’s wife Portia is on Scandal this season, which Ellen is excited about. Ellen said she’s also starring in an intense new drama series called Black & White. It costars Wanda Sykes. Ellen plays Belinda Black and Wanda Sykes plays Wendy White, both high-powered lawyers.

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson was in the teaser clip, where he enters their office having been shot. He demands to know who’s black.

“I’m Black,” Ellen said.

“Well, technically, I’m also black, but, not Black, you know. She’s Black,” Wanda said.

“Same for me. I’m, well, opposite though,” Ellen said.

“When black is white and white is black, Black backs White to fight what’s right,” the narrator of the preview said.

In another part of the teaser, Belinda Black learns she’s going to be transferred. She’s going to be replaced by Olivia Orange.

“What? Now Orange is the new Black?” Wanda said.


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