Ellen: 2012 Rose Bowl & Mouth Kissers


Mouth Kissers And The 2012 Rose Bowl.

Ellen talked about how much she hates mouth kissers and sent Andie to the 2012 Rose Bowl to cheer for Oregon.


Ellen Hates Mouth Kissers

Ellen 2012 Rose Bowl Mouth Kissers

Ellen sent Andie to the 2012 Rose Bowl to cheer for the Oregon Ducks as they played the Wisconsin Badgers (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen started her show by talking about how much she hated “mouth kissers.” By that, she didn’t mean people who kiss on the mouth when appropriate. Rather, she meant the people who do it as a casual salutation.

Ellen pointed at her lips and said, “These lips are not for strangers! They’re for Portia and my dogs!”

Ellen explained that there are two different kind of mouth kissers. The first kind puckers up right away, making it clear to the victim that a kiss on the mouth is imminent.


The second kind, which Ellen seemed to view as being far more sinister, are more sneaky. They don’t pucker up until after they’ve already grabbed you for an embrace. At that point, there’s nothing you can do.

“They’re like a cat chasing a laser beam,” Ellen said. “They’re going to find your lips.”

Ellen said the best way to ward off a mouth kisser is to open your mouth.

“It stops them in their tracks and if it doesn’t, I am so so sorry,” she said.

Ellen: Tony, A Mouth Kisser? No!

Ellen looked over at her DJ Tony and asked if he was a mouth kisser.

“No, not at all,” Tony said.

“Not since human resources had that meeting,” Ellen teased.

Ellen: 2012 Rose Bowl Oregon vs. Wisconsin

As a holiday gift, Ellen sent Andie to the Rose Bowl to cheer for his favorite college football team, the Oregon Ducks, as they played the Wisconsin Badgers.

When Andie came out onstage to tell Ellen about the game, he was dressed in a Ducks shirt with a Ducks jacket overtop of it, and a cheesy duck hat on his head.

“What a game that was!” Ellen said to Andie. “I’m so excited they won.”

“We’ve always been very close but we’ve never got the ‘w,'” Andie said. “We finally got our big win.”

Andie shared a video he made of his experience of the game. It showed him and some of his friends from college going to the game. At one point in the video, Andie got to speak with J. R. Martinez!

“You still smell like beer a little bit,” Ellen teased.


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