Ellen: 10 Million Twitter Followers & Jane Lynch Wax Figure


Ellen: Email Dangers

When did you send your first email?

Ellen DeGeneres said she only got the hang of it about a year ago, and she is still learning new tricks all the time. She recently sent an email to the wrong person. “Long story short, I accidentally fired my mother,” she said.


Actually, she accidentally sent a birthday email to the wrong person. “It made me realize how dangerous email can be, ‘cause as soon as you hit that ‘send’ button, there’s no turning back,” she said. “It’s out there in the universe.”

Ellen: Email Dangers

Ellen DeGeneres talked about the hidden perils of sending email, especially on our tiny phone keyboards.

We’ve probably all done this in some form or another. That could be very embarrassing, especially with the tiny keyboards on our Smartphones. “Sometimes we don’t even know what we’ve sent until we get a reply from someone that says, ‘I don’t think the picture was meant for me, but you look great wearing lingerie and a toolbelt,’” Ellen said.


Then there’s the dreaded reply all button, which is too close to the regular reply button. I know I get sick of constant emails from people who don’t know the difference. Ellen said email program designers should make sure those buttons are far apart.

Ellen said she prefers to talk to people face to face whenever possible. I guess she is still old school after all.

Ellen: 10 Million Twitter Followers

Do you follow Ellen on Twitter? A lot of people do, and today she announced that she has now collected 10 million followers.

To celebrate, Ellen had singer Bonnie Raitt put some of her followers’ tweets to music. Here are the tweets Bonnie sang on today’s show.

  • @ericalovescat – I love cats and soccer.
  • @sarahelise – Tried tofu for the first time tonight. It was OK. Good substitute for mushrooms.
  • @hannahbelieber – I loooooooooooove Justin Bieber.
  • @nychappiness – I need to go to the Ellen show so badly. I know I’d have the time of my life.

How would you react if you found out Bonnie Raitt sang your tweet on Ellen’s show?

Ellen: Bad Paid For Tattoos

To keep the laughs going, Ellen did another installment of her segment featuring people’s embarrassing tattoos. Here is the so-called art she featured on the show.

  • Atta in Texas sent in a misspelled lower back tattoo that read “Sweet Pee.”
  • Suzanne from Wisconsin sent in a man’s chest tattoo that was spelled “Exreme.”
  • Katie of Ohio showed off her own tattoo, which was missing an E and said “Shamless.”
  • Dave in Arkansas shared a freaky tattoo a balding man got of a face on the back of his head. His remaining hair created the illusion of a mustache to go with the eyes in the back of his head.

Ellen: Jane Lynch as Ellen’s Wax Figure

Ellen DeGeneres continues to insist she is related to Prince William and Kate. The couple recently got to see the unveiling of their wax figures done by Madame Tussaud. Ellen has been offered the chance to pose for her own wax figure, but she said it’s time consuming so she hasn’t done it yet.

Instead, she made her own, and she planned to ship it off to England. But first she unveiled it for the audience, and it was actually a very still Jane Lynch, doing her best still life impersonation of Ellen. Come on; they don’t look that much alike, do they?

Ellen demonstrated that her wax figure is pliable, and she posed poor Jane Lynch in some wacky positions, which went almost perfectly except for a little blinking here and there. Jane Lynch would get a chance to be more animated later in the show.

Ellen: Audience Dancers

Ellen DeGeneres mentioned that overflow audience members watch the show from the Riff Raff Room. Today before the show, the entire Riff Raff Room was dancing to the pre-show music, and Ellen showed a video of their talented, coordinated dance routine.

Ellen Dance Song: “Running Away”

Ellen’s dance with the audience today was the Roy Ayers song “Running Away.”

Download an MP3 of “Running Away” by Roy Ayers.



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