Ellen: Jason Segel & Jennifer Morrison Once Upon a Time


Ellen: Jason Segel Interview

Jason Segel has been growing his fan base in the last year. As a star of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, he has been charming TV audiences for seven seasons, every Monday night.

Last year, he expanded his audience to the younger set with a starring role in the 2011 reboot movie of The Muppets, which was recently honored at this year’s Oscars. He will be joining Ellen DeGeneres as a guest on her show, coming up on Monday March 12 2012.


Ellen: Jason Segel Interview

Jason Segel will chat with Ellen on her March 12 2012 show about his new film, "Jeff, Who Lives At Home." (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

He will be talking to Ellen about his new independent film, Jeff, Who Lives At Home, which garnered buzz on the film festival circuit and is now coming to theaters. Hear him talk about this unique project and why he’s excited for more people to get a chance to see it. Get the full scoop when Jason Segel sits down with Ellen on March 12 2012.

Ellen: Jennifer Morrison Once Upon a Time

Actress Jennifer Morrison is best known for her role as Dr. Cameron on Hugh Laurie’s Fox medical drama House. But she also spent some time working with Jason Segel, as a recurring guest star on How I Met Your Mother.


Now she has a show of her own, and she stars every Sunday night in ABC’s new fairy tale drama Once Upon A Time. Jennifer will share her success with Ellen in an interview on March 12 2012.

Find out all about her series, which is inspired by the classic fairy tales we remember from childhood. Maybe she will drop some hints about whether this season will end with a Happily Ever After.

Ellen: Ants Juggling Act

Ellen is gracious to give a broad array of entertainers exposure on her talk show. In recent months, she has highlighted an amazing Speed Skating Couple from Las Vegas, as well as the impressive Magic Tricks of TV host Justin Willman.

On her March 12 2012 show, she’s doing it again, sharing another captivating act with her audiences in the studio and at home. Try not to duck when you see limbs flying at you. That’s because Ants features foot jugglers from Cirque Du Soleil.

I used to be skeptical of the variety acts Ellen would bring on her show, but now I’m a believer. If something has Ellen’s seal of approval, it’s probably worth seeing for yourself.

Check it out on March 12 2012, or visit Recapo after the show to read all the details.


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