The Bachelor: Kacie B. & Ellen Guess Who Will Win


Ellen: The Bachelor

Ellen DeGeneres can’t get enough of her reality TV guilty pleasure, The Bachelor. Read about Meredith Viera & Ellen Discussing The Bachelor.

Ellen called eliminated contestant Kacie B. the “baton twirling fan favorite” from the show’s current season. Kacie B. joined Ellen to discuss her shocking elimination.


Ellen: The Bachelor's Kacie B

Ellen talked with Kacie B from The Bachelor about her surprise elimination and who will win.

Ellen & The Bachelor’s Kacie B.

On this week’s episode, Kacie B. returned to confront Bachelor Ben Flajnik about why he cut her loose. Dancing out onstage in an electric pink dress, Kacie B. seems to have gotten over her feelings for Ben.

“I truly think he’s a good guy, but he made a mistake,” Ellen said. Bachelor Ben talked to Ellen early on, and she tried to advocate for the adorable Kacie B.


The Bachelor: Kacie B. Vs Courtney

Ellen asked her what happened between Kacie and fellow contestant Courtney. Ellen said that she doesn’t like to judge people, and she knows that editing can be misleading in reality shows. She has invited Courtney to share her side of the story on Ellen’s show, but the impression she gives on The Bachelor is not a positive one.

Kacie said that Courtney is manipulative, and you can’t edit someone to say things they didn’t say. She said it’s hard to know who Courtney really is, because she showed a different side of herself to Ben than she did to the other contestants.

She said that she and the other contestants were shocked to learn that Courtney and Ben snuck out to go skinny dipping one night during filming.

Bachelor Kacie B. Predicts The Winner

Kacie B. and Ellen both speculate that Ben will choose Courtney at the end of this season. She said she hopes that Ben is happy, though she suspects he has a lot of questions to answer about his behavior on the show.

Ellen and Kacie B. discussed a clip from the upcoming reunion episode, where this season’s contenders all reunite to talk about the season. It seems that all the women from this season bonded, except for Courtney.

The Bachelor Season Finale Reunion

Ellen pointed out that “karma is a bitch,” and Courtney certainly said more than her share of nasty things. “For those of you who don’t watch The Bachelor and don’t know what any of this is about, good for you,” Ellen said. Thanks, girl. I feel vindicated.

“It’s ridiculous. It really is ridiculous,” Ellen said, explaining that she gets wrapped up in it. Ellen, I promise you I get it. You don’t want to get me started during Big Brother season.

Ellen wished Kacie the best in her future romances and life plans. You can see Kacie B. and this season’s other women share their thoughts on the show Monday on ABC.


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