Sophia Grace & Rosie Love Target, The Gentle Barn & Custom Tutus


Sophia Grace & Rosie: Fashion Designers

Ellen’s favorite pint-sized guests never seem to wear the same tutu twice, and now that they’re in Hollywood, Sophia Grace said they are having outfits custom made. She said they drew a concept of what they wanted their outfits to look like, and someone made it happen. What would the world be like if every 10-year-old’s whims were catered to in this fashion?

They also brought a gift with them, which they meant to give Ellen during their last visit. But I guess they ran out of time or forgot. Rosie presented her with a blue gift bag containing a drawing of Ellen, Sophia Grace and Rosie.


Every time you hear them sing or see them dance, it can be easy to forget their ages. But there’s nothing like a child’s drawing to reinforce that these are truly children. It’s a wonder their tutu designs turned out well at all.

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Fashion

Sophia Grace & Rosie told Ellen they love designing their own tutus, Target shopping & The Gentle Barn.

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie The Gentle Barn

During their month in America, the girls got to visit one of Ellen’s pet charities, The Gentle Barn. “It was so good, and there was this dog called Lola, and she was so cute,” Sophia Grace said. “She was sitting there for an hour while I was stroking her.”


They also got to celebrate Daisy the cow’s birthday, brush her, and feed her carrots during their day at The Gentle Barn. They also brought along pictures of their day, during which Daisy turned 13, which Sophia Grace announced “is really old for an animal.”

Rosie got to hang out with a pig while at the farm. The pig looked enormous compared to the slight children. It could have easily devoured them several times over. Rosie imagined what the pig might be dreaming about, while Sophia Grace reported that the pig had to be separated from its siblings because of bullying.

Ellen: Sophia Grace Explains Atoms

Who says America isn’t educational? Not only have the girls been learning about animals, but Sophia Grace also gave Ellen a report on atoms. “Everything in the world is made of atoms,” she said. “See that tiny dot on the chair? There’s about one thousand million atoms in there.”

She also wandered down the path of protons, neutrons and electrons, which Rosie seemed to know was over her head.

Sophia Grace & Rosie Love Target

Like many an American shopper, Sophia Grace and Rosie have developed a love for Target stores on their trips to America.

Rosie seems enthralled with the basket escalator in some Target stores, which she said they don’t have in England. That is pretty cool the first time you see it, no matter what age you are.

Sophia Grace & Rosie Reunite With Nicki Minaj

Ellen surprised the girls with the news that they would get to reunite with their musical idol, Nicki Minaj, later on today’s show, to which they squealed with delight.


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