Seth Rogen Tells Ellen His Wife Is A Hoarder


Ellen: Seth Rogen’s Wife is a Hoarder

Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren Miller, lived together for five years before getting married. Ellen asked him if things changed for the couple after they got married.

Though Seth said they were used to living together, his wife has a habit that sometimes worries him.


Ellen: Is Seth Rogen's Wife A Hoarder

Seth Rogen confessed to Ellen that he thinks his wife could be a hoarder. (Joe Seer /

“She’s a little messy,” Seth admitted. He said her cosmetics and toiletries are out of control in their bathroom. “She has creams for every appendage.” He expected that she must be very well moisturized.

He feared that if they lived in a smaller space, she would qualify as a Hoarder. But Ellen explained that you don’t count as a Hoarder until you are stacking things vertically.


Ellen: Seth Rogen’s Wedding

Ellen congratulated Seth Rogen on his recent marriage. His wedding took place just two weeks after the last time he appeared on Ellen. He said he was hesitant to mention he was getting married on TV, because he didn’t want the paparazzi to bother his family and guests.

“I think I overestimated my fame,” he said, noting that he had no trouble keeping the press away from his nuptials. Seth said he had less than 300 guests at his wedding, and they had fun at the wedding.

Seth Rogen: Parents & Wife In Audience

Ellen noted that Seth always brings his parents to the show when he is a guest. Seth explained that his parents love Ellen and are always happy to visit the show.

Seth Rogen: Teenage Standup Comedian

Seth said his parents have always supported his career. He started doing standup comedy at age 13, and his mom would drive him to gigs at nightclubs and comedy clubs.

Ellen wondered what it was like being such a young comedian. Seth admitted that he used it as a gimmick, but tried to be legitimately funny as well. His first gig was at a lesbian bar in Vancouver, Canada.

Seth Rogen: Teen Standup At Lesbian Bar

The bar was called The Lotus, and he said it featured a lot of Georgia O’Keefe imagery. He said he didn’t realize it was a lesbian bar, and simply thought it was Ladies Night. A few days after the show, his mom filled him in.

Seth said the lesbian audience enjoyed his material, and he appreciated their warm reception. It encouraged him to stick with standup comedy.


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