Scandal Cast + Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry, Guillermo Diaz & More


Ellen TV: Cast Of Scandal

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed to her show the entire cast of Scandal. She sat down with Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley, Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry, Guillermo Diaz, Katie Lowes, Darby Stanchfield, and Joshua Malina. And yes, they all fit onto one very long couch!

Ellen talked about how it was so great to have everyone together, because on the show, they’re usually separated by the people at the white house at the people at Olivia Pope and Associates, or O.P.A. They joked how they goof around at O.P.A. during shooting, and Kerry explained that they have a certain way of working and if you don’t like their process, that’s not their fault.


Scandal Cast + Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry, Guillermo Diaz & More

Ellen sat down with the entire cast of Scandal to talk about the upcoming season. (Helga Esteb /

“The process is junior high,” Jeff Perry joked.

Ellen: Fate Of Scandal Characters

As Ellen said, even the cast of the show doesn’t know what’s going on in the show until they get the script. So they don’t find out anything until table read day, which is the day before shooting. Like Ellen said, you don’t even know if your character is going to last, and you could find out just that day that your character is going to be killed off.


Joshua Malina shared that when he gets his script, he always reads the back page first so he knows if he’s still alive at the end. To get back at him for that, they wrote a fake ending where he died and he turned to Scott and said, “I think I die in this one.”

Ellen said they must all kiss up to Shonda Rhimes, the show’s writer, in order to make sure that they’ll stay on the show. Darby then pointed to Katie and said she was the one who kisses up to Shonda. Katie said she couldn’t help it, she just loves Shonda. She said she’s naturally pretty “kiss-uppy” to everyone.

Ellen TV: Portia de Rossi On Scandal

Ellen said she couldn’t reveal too much, but she visited the set once to watch Portia, and Portia filmed a scene where her and Jeff’s character Cyrus, go at it. Jeff said Portia is a “power player” in Washington and they work together, but that’s “a nice way to put it.”

Kerry said she is “the perfect addition to our family.” Ellen then joked that they should go around and have everyone say something about Portia. Darby said she has a crush on her and Ellen said “I do too!”

Ellen: Scott Foley Tour Of Joashua Malina’s Trailer

Ellen then revealed that Scott got back at Joshua for a prank he pulled on him, but showing everyone around Josh’s trailer. Scott joked that Josh is a big reader just like him, and then showed some of the books Josh was supposedly reading, which included Horny and Living With Crazy Buttocks. He said Josh was even reading him a passage the other day from A Treasury Of Jewish Sea Stories.

Scott said Josh is also a very talented painter, and showed a bunch of Ellen portraits. Scott said “you should be happy he’s on your show and that you have good security.”

Ellen: Scandal Love Scenes

Ellen then wanted to talk about some of the love scenes in the show, including the ones involving Guillermo and Katie. Ellen wanted to know what was most interesting so far, and Guillermo said the scene where they were on top of the car and he had to rip the stockings off her thighs. He said they were in the middle of shooting when he spit on her and then licked it off, which wasn’t part of the script, but they used it. He said afterward, he apologized to Katie for spitting on her and she was like “it’s fine!”

Ellen then asked Bellamy Young if she’ll be in any love scenes this season, and she said, “well who knows, honestly.” She said not much happened the first season and then she was pregnant the second season, but finally during the third season, “oh good heavens.”

Tony said he recalled a scene in the shower that he did with Bellamy. Kerry joked that Tony was offended Bellamy didn’t count their love scene.


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