Olivia Munn Geeks Out For Ellen & Portia, Anthony Naylor & Cyrus Dance


Anthony Naylor: So You Think You Can Dance with Cyrus?

Before you can audition and compete on So You Think You Can Dance, contestants must be 18. Anthony Naylor wanted to be in the competition so bad, that he had to try out at age four. The judges let him dance, but he can’t compete.

His favorite dancer is Cyrus from So You Think You Can Dance. Anthony has the same shoes and is mesmerized by his dancing. Anthony did a dance, including the splits. This four-year-old has moves! He started off a little shaky, but he got into the feel.


Ellen surprised Anthony Naylor with his idol, who was blown away by him. He can’t believe his ear for music. Ellen called Cyrus and he said yes to coming right away. Anthony’s parents watched from the audience, in tears because their son got to meet his hero.

Olivia Munn Goes Crazy for Ellen DeGeneres

Olivia Munn Geeks Out For Ellen & Portia, Anthony Naylor & Cyrus Dance

Olivia Munn had the appropriate reaction to Ellen DeGeneres: freak out and geek out. She stopped Ellen’s interview to make dinner plans with them. (Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com)


Olivia Munn said her last appearance on Ellen was “bananas.” She couldn’t believe that she got to meet and sit with Ellen.  “I felt like a five-year-old child trying to impress their new friend,” she said. Ellen said she was impressed by Olivia’s “Oh, she’s so not” dancing. She told her producer when she heard Olivia Munn was coming that she loved her. “If you love me, that means we could be best friends,” Olivia said.

She spent a good five minutes trying to confirm with both Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi that she could come over and hang out at their home. She said she knew she was misbehaving and the cameras were rolling but she had to know. This really is the appropriate reaction to Ellen DeGeneres. I’m surprised that this type of thing doesn’t happen more often. They made dinner plans  for that night. Olivia tried to play cool, but let’s be honest. Everyone wants to act like that around Ellen. I even noticed her mouth “You know I’m not kidding?” to Ellen as they went to commercial break.

Olivia Munn’s Asian Heritage & Shocking Her Mother

Olivia Munn is on the Entertainment Weekly  must-see list for The Newsroom. She said that her fame always shocks her mother, who came to America from China the day that the war ended. Olivia grew up in a family with five kids, including two step-siblings. Her mother came from nothing and is shocked by how funny and charming her daughter is. Olivia’s mom called her after the Daily Show and exclaimed at how funny she was, even asking Olivia if she gets paid to be funny.

Munn did the best impression of her mother, it will have you on the floor laughing. Her mother was also shocked when she watched a scene from The Newsroom with Olivia speaking Japanese. She didn’t know that her daughter spoke Japanese so well. “We lived in Japan together, mom, these are things you know about me,” she said. “But it keeps the bar low, you know? Because when the bar is low, you can just jump right over it.”



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