Nicki Minaj Performs ‘Right By My Side,’ Wants To Have Baby On Ellen


Ellen: Nicki Minaj Rapid Fire

Ellen DeGeneres must be running out of games to play with her celebrity guests. After talking to Superstar Nicki Minaj about being a role model & why she quit Twitter, the talk show host’s next move was a rapid fire round of word association.

She informed Nicki that she could only answer each question with one word, and here is how things played out.


Ellen: Nicki Minaj Word Association

Ellen: Nicki Minaj Motherhood

'Right By My Side' singer Nicki Minaj told Ellen she sees a baby in her future, and promised to deliver it on Ellen's show. (image credit: Amy Nichole Harris/

  • What’s your favorite body part? My brain
  • Anything you would change about yourself? My accent
  • What makes you laugh? Ellen
  • What scares you the most? Heights
  • What do you watch on TV to relax? Judge Judy
  • Before you were famous, what was one of your worst jobs? Waitressing
  • What was the best advice anyone has ever given to you? “Enjoy every moment. Don’t take it for granted.”
  • Where will you be in five years? “Maybe I’ll be having a baby.”

Ellen invited Nicki to deliver her hypothetical future child on TV, to which the savvy singer responded, “I would love to give birth on your show.”

The talk show host correctly noted that this would be the takeaway quote from her appearance.


Ellen: Nicki Minaj Ellen Wig Gift

Though she appreciates being immortalized in song lyrics, Ellen wanted to give Nicki Minaj the opportunity to go an extra step. That’s why she gifted the singer with a neon blue wig, with a flashing Ellen logo perched on top. I think that could cause seizures.

Nicki didn’t understand how the wig worked, and once she realized it was a gift for her, she made a pathetic attempt to be gracious. Finally someone is standing up to Ellen and her stupid gifts. You have to wonder: how much of this is actually a joke, and how much is actually Ellen’s ego?

Ellen: Nicki Minaj “Right By My Side” Performance

Though she did not wear her flashing Ellen DeGeneres wig, Nicki Minaj did treat the audience to the world premiere of her new single, “Right By My Side,” from her newest release, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. As an encore, she segued into her hit song “Starships,” which Sophia Grace & Rosie Performed recently.


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