Meredith Viera & Ellen Drink Box Wine & Dish On The Bachelor


Meredith Viera: Drunken Charades

Former Today Show host Meredith Viera now used to wake up early to give us the news. Now she’s spending a lot of time at home with her husband, playing Drunk Charades, according to Ellen.

“It’s better if you’re drunk,” Meredith said. “It’s fun.”

Ellen: Meredith Viera & The Bachelor

Ellen and Meredith Viera cracked open a box of wine and talked about The Bachelor. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /


Meredith Viera: Juice Cleanse

Meredith told Ellen she recently did her first juice cleanse, over three days. Ellen said she’s never done juice, but she has done a master cleanse in the past.

Master Cleanse Vs Juice Cleanse

Ellen explained to Meredith and the audience that a Master Cleanse is a diet of Lemon Juice, Water, and Cayenne Pepper, for 21 days. Meredith was incredulous that she lasted the full three weeks.

“It’s good for you,” Ellen said. She asked how Meredith is feeling after her juice cleanse.


“Now that I’m having Chardonnay again, I’m fine,” Meredith said. Is everyone at the Today Show an alcoholic?

Meredith Viera Wants To Go Vegan

Meredith told Ellen she now wants to explore Veganism. Ellen has been Vegan for the last four years. “It’s very good for you,” the host said.

Meredith Viera Franzia Chardonnay Review

Ellen presented Meredith with a box of Franzia Chardonnay, and she said she was scared that Meredith knew how to use the box. They both claimed they’d never tried it out of the box.

If this was product placement, I think Franzia should ask for their money back.

“Why is it foaming? Do you want some?” she asked Ellen. “It’s terrible, but that’s fine. By the third glass, it’s great.”

Upon realizing that it’s a real company, Meredith took her comments back. “I don’t want to say it’s terrible, because I’d like to get some free at my house.”

“It’s horrible, but if it’s free, you want it,” Ellen pointed out.

Click here if you, like Meredith Viera, want Franzia Chardonnay shipped to your house.

Meredith Viera Watches The Bachelor

Apparently everyone who works in daytime TV watches The Bachelor. I understand from clip shows like The Soup that it is a reality TV train wreck of the highest order, but I don’t have two hours a week to spend on that.

Live With Kelly routinely reenacts scenes from the show with their Bachelor Theatre segment. Now Meredith and Ellen are dishing about contestant Courtney, and who’s to blame for her portrayal.

Meredith Viera & Ellen Dish About Bachelor Ben

Meredith wondered if the show’s editing was making her look bad, or if she really behaves that way. Ellen said she has invited Courtney on the show to set the record straight. Meredith noticed that Courtney and her mother have the same mannerisms.

Meredith said contestant KCB is coming back to The Bachelor, and she feels that her parents ruined her chances with Bachelor Ben.

The pair discussed whether Ben knows that contestant Courtney is manipulating him. I guess you can find out for yourself how things play out, because episodes of The Bachelor air Mondays on ABC.

Ellen & Meredith: Oscars 2012

Ellen and Meredith both spoke vaguely about the Oscars. They referred crying at “that acceptance speech” and Meredith said “the movie that won Best Oscar” was a surprise.

This is funny, because the show was taped Friday, and a clip of Oscar highlights was inserted into the previous segment. I’m not sure how Ellen name-checked Best Picture winner The Artist, unless she taped nine alternate congratulations, one for each nominee.

But the studio audience was clearly in on the joke. It must be very confusing to work on Ellen’s show and never know what day it actually is.

Meredith called it one of the best Oscars telecasts she’s seen, proving beyond a doubt that she didn’t actually watch it. Ellen said she thought she did a pretty good job when she hosted a few years ago.


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