Mario Lopez I Heart Ellen Tattoo & Wedding Plans


Mario Lopez on Ellen’s 1500th Episode

Lopez, host of America’s Best Dance Crew, brought Ellen margaritas to help her celebrate her 1500th episode.

Mario Lopez I Heart Ellen Tattoo

Mario Lopez was on Ellen's 1500th Episode and sported an I Heart Ellen tattoo! (Image Credit: s_bukley /


Lopez raised his glass and said “To toast the 1500th show and to 1500 more.”

Ellen took a comically large drink of her margarita and Lopez said, “It’s like spring break on Ellen!”

Mario Lopez’s “I [Heart] Ellen” Tattoo

To emphasize his love for Lopez rolled up his sleeve and displayed a tattoo that said, “I [heart] Ellen.”


Though it was presumably fake, Lopez assured Ellen that it was real.

“I’m more impressed by the muscles than that tattoo,” Ellen teased him.

Mario Lopez’s Wedding Plans

Ellen and Lopez discussed his plans to marry Broadway dancer Courtney Laine Mazza in Puerto Vallarta at the end of the year. Lopez said he wanted to marry in Mexico because his parents are from there.

Lopez said that Mazza has been in charge of planning the wedding.

“I’m involved as much as she’s allowing me to be involved,” he joked.

Ellen made a jestful jab at Lopez for not having received a wedding invite yet. Lopez retorted that everyone is essentially invited to the wedding because it’s going to be filmed and broadcast on TLC.

Mario Lopez Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes

Mario Lopez is a very familiar face on the Ellen Show, as he has had 13 appearances so far!

“I feel like Alec Baldwin on SNL or something,” he said.

At the end of the interview, Lopez surprised the audience with vegan red velvet cupcakes with sprinkles.


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