Katy Perry’s Outfit on Ellen & Katy Perry Part of Me Movie Review


Ellen: Katy Perry’s Outfit

Ellen wittily introduced her first guest as an “up and coming new artist who I think one day will be a household name.”  From stage right entered Katy Perry. She looked stunning. Katy Perry’s Outfit was a tight black dress that seemed a parody of a blazer in that it had a collar that came up around her neck with lapels that laid down her chest. In addition to the dress, she wore black pantyhose that had star patterns stitched into them. Ellen admired Katy Perry’s Outfit and Katy said it was an “homage to Madonna and stars.”

Katy Perry's Dress on Ellen

Katy Perry tells Ellen about her new movie and plays a round of Taboo. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


In reference to the previous segment, Katy said she adored Keri, the vivacious audience member that Ellen enlisted as a correspondent at the Billboard Music Awards. Katy said she wanted to put her in her pocket for whenever she’s feeling down.

“You could never have a bad day with her around,” Katy said.

The camera found Keri in the crowd and Katy asked her what her secret was.


“Just happiness and gratefulness and I’M HERE WITH ELLEN!” Keri said in her typical overwhelmingly emphatic way.

Ellen: Katy Perry Part of Me 3D Movie Review

Katy‘s movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me will be out on July 5th. She said she had the idea to make the film in the winter of 2010.

“I felt tremors like something big was going to happen,” she said.

Katy said she thought to herself, “I want to document the whole year, the good, the bad, the whole thing, and share it with my fans.”

Ellen asked her what the 3D experience will do for her movie. Katy nonchalantly donned a pair of 3D glasses and said, “There are a lot of jokes I’ve been reading on the internet about seeing me in 3D and I appreciate that.” This was particularly funny because Katy Perry is somewhat of a sex icon.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand’s Divorce

Ellen asked Katy whether her divorce from Russell Brand would be documented in the film. Katy said it would be included in the film, because she wanted her fans to get as real of a perspective of her life as possible.

“I decided to put everything into the film in the most tasteful way,” Katy said.

Katy said the film is “about how I got there and the ride along the way.”

“A lot of people have this idea of me which I love and I don’t mind what people think of me but it was important for me to show people my perspective,” she said. “To show people how much work it is.”

Ellen agreed that most people don’t realize how hard Katy has had to work in order to achieve her success, citing that she was dropped by three record labels before she became famous.

“A lot of people wanted me to be like some one, whether that was a Kelly Clarkson or an Avril Lavigne,” Katy said. “I want to be Katy Perry first.”

After discussing her hardships, Katy said that ultimately she was determined to make it on her own terms and joked, “It’s kind of worked out.”

Katy said the film will not only show the hardships she’s had to endure, but wil also show that she’s an ordinary person like any of her fans.

“When you see the film, it’s a bit scary because there’s a lot of shots of me bloated with zits and NORMAL!” she said jokingly.

Ellen said she thought that was cool because it’s easy for young people to think that they’re expected to look as good as celebrities do when they’re on camera.

“I think it’s important for young girls and boys to see that not everyone looks like this all of the time,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Katy Perry’s Ancient Aliens Obsession

Ellen commented that both she and Katy are obsessed with the History Channel‘s hit series, Ancient Aliens.

“I’m kind of unnaturally obsessed with it because I grew up with a really set way of thinking,” Katy said, referring to her strict Christian upbringing (I wonder how people from her past would feel about Katy Perry’s Outfit on Ellen today!). She said the show makes her think, “Oh yeah, aliens…That’s a new idea.”

Katy said that the show makes her think about enormous and amazingly intricate ancient structures and wonder how ancient people were able to build them, if not with the help of extraterrestrials.

“That’s always a big question–who built the pyramids?” Katy said. “I can barely lift my eight pound weight set at home. I could never build a pyramid.”

Ellen & Katy Perry Play Taboo

“We both like to play games,” Ellen said of her guest Katy Perry. They decide to play a round of Taboo because it’s “one of the hardest games.” Katy said it’s a popular game in her family and everyone gets very competitive.

“There are fights that break out,” Katy said.

Once they were playing the game, Ellen turned out to be much better at providing hints and clues than Katy was, though she employed an unconventional strategy. Instead of using words and verbal clues to tip Katy off, Ellen would employ elements of pantomime, as though she were playing charades. This enabled Katy to guess five different words before her time ran out. Katy used a more conventional approach of using words exclusively. Though this was more true to the game, it wasn’t nearly as effective. Thus, Ellen only guessed two words before her time ran out.

“I appreciated your charades angle,” Katy said.


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