Jennifer Morrison ‘Once Upon A Time’ & How To Avoid Disney Lines


Ellen: Jennifer Morrison Poker

Jennifer Morrison is a good poker player, and Ellen DeGeneres should know. The ladies know each other from previous poker games, though Jennifer made her first appearance on Ellen’s show on March 12 2012.

Jennifer hasn’t had much time to play poker lately because her new series Once Upon A Time films in Vancouver, Canada.


Ellen: Jennifer Morrison

Ellen's poker buddy & 'Once Upon A Time' star Jennifer Morrison shared her bizarre sore throat remedy. (Image Credit: Featureflash /

Jennifer Morrison: Disney World & Family

In the ABC fairy tale series Once Upon A Time, Jennifer plays Snow White’s daughter, and Ellen said that’s not a huge surprise given Jennifer’s childhood, which was spent immersed in princess fantasies.

“We grew up in a big Disney family,” she said. “My family was very, very into Disney. By the time I was 18, I had gone to Disney World 27 times.”


Ellen: How To Avoid Lines at Disney World

She grew up in Chicago, so her family of five would make the 21-hour drive to Florida for family vacations. She said by her late teens, a little of the magic had begun to fade.

But now it’s all paying off in ABC’s new hit drama, Once Upon A Time. Her parents have been on about 100 Disney vacations, she said, explaining that they’d figured out a system to beat the lines at the park.

They would show up exactly when the park opened, then go the opposite direction of everyone else, to the back of the park, and work their way backwards, avoiding waiting in long lines.

Jennifer Morrison Cabbage Sore Throat Remedy

Jennifer said she recently struggled with a chronic cough and couldn’t seem to find anything that would make it go away. She was barraged with suggestions about people’s favorite sore throat remedies.

She decided “to do everything everyone asks me to do, because at least one of them will work.” Her Once Upon A Time co-star Ian Bailey told her she should wrap raw green cabbage around her neck.

Jennifer gave it a shot, holding it in place with a scarf, and she brought Ellen photographic evidence of her experiment. She explained that she had to leave it there until it wilted, which apparently took roughly seven hours.

It sounds like it was worth the hassle. “I got a lot better,” Jennifer said, though she admitted that it was not the greatest odor, though her dogs enjoyed the cabbage scraps that fell from her scarf.

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Jennifer Morrison Rescue Dogs

Jennifer shared photos of her two dogs, Eva and Elliott. Eva is four, and Elliott is five months old. She rescued him after falling in love with him during the Christmas break. They travel with her to the show’s set in Vancouver.

Ellen: Jennifer Morrison Once Upon A Time

Jennifer’s new show, Once Upon A Time, airs Sunday nights on ABC. Click here to watch episodes of Once Upon A Time.


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