Emma Stone Better Kisser: Ryan Gosling Vs Andrew Garfield


Ellen: Emma Stone Spider-Man

Emma Stone is about to burst back onto movie screens this summer in the relaunch of the Spider-Man film franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man, opening July 3 2012.

Though she doesn’t have the intense action scenes like her co-star, Andrew Garfield, she did get to do some flying in harnesses. “It’s really fun once you get used to it,” she said.


Ellen featured an exclusive clip of a very blonde Emma Stone in action with Andrew Garfield, the new Spider-Man, from the summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man.

Ellen: Emma Stone Fears

Ellen helped Emma Stone face her fears & asked which of her co-stars is a better kisser. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

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Best Kiss: Andrew Garfield Vs Ryan Gosling

Ellen noted that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone share an onscreen romance in this new movie, and recalled that she got intimate with Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. Ellen wanted to know which of the actors is a better kisser.

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Emma said the comparison is apples and oranges, which is a cop out. “I love all fruit,” she said, artfully dodging the question. Ellen said Emma seems down to earth, and it’s kind of remarkable that she is 23. She does come across as poised and mature.

I’m confused. Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield dating or not? Ellen is a big tease.

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Ellen: Emma Stone’s Fear of Spiders

Ellen said that she wants to help her guests overcome their fears. Emma lied and said she isn’t afraid of spiders, because she figured out that Ellen was going to try to force her to hold a spider.

Good thing Ellen didn’t know about Emma’s fear of needles ahead of time. Also, it’s ironic that someone with a fear of spiders is co-starring in the latest Spider-Man movie.

Ellen pulled out a giant spider and basically threw it at the actress, who had nowhere to run. But it turned out to be a fake spider; it was just the habitat that looked real. But Ellen said that the point is spiders aren’t harmful.

Then she whipped out a second spider, claiming it was the real one, and literally chucked it at Emma. Good thing it also turned out to be a fake plastic spider. I can’t believe she didn’t have a heart attack. But I’m always impressed when the celebrity guests manage not to swear on TV.

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