Ellen: Zach Braff Is Not Dead & Oz The Great & Powerful Review


Ellen: Zach Braff

Zach Braff played J.D. on Scrubs for nine seasons and then started doing deeper, indie roles. It’s awesome to see him back on the big screen in a movie that is sure to be a blockbuster hit with kids and adults. Oz the Great and Powerful tells the story of what happened when Oz came to the magical world Dorothy would one day rescue.

Ellen: Oz the Great and Powerful Review

Ellen: Zach Braff Is Not Dead & Oz The Great & Powerful Review

Zach Braff said all of his animals love Ellen DeGeneres. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


In Oz the Great and Powerful, Braff plays a flying monkey. In the list of things I want to see in life I never knew that that was on it until today. Just like in Wizard of Oz where Dorothy’s family becomes characters in Oz, friends of Oscar/Oz becomes characters in the magical world. Braff started out playing the magician’s assistant and then becomes a furry little monkey.

To act the movie out, he had to wear a giant blue onsie that then got changed into his character. Just like Golem in Lord of the Rings, Braff had to act out the scene before the animators came in. He said James Franco, who plays Oz, laughed at him everyday for six months when he walked out in the onsie.

Ellen: Zach Braff Loves Animals

Braff has a French bulldog, a scruffy terrier and turtles. He brought photos of his animals watching Ellen DeGeneres movies and her talk show. His turtles prefer Finding NemoRoscoe the terrier likes Ellen and Scoot the French bulldog loves Mr. Wrong. All are excellent choices and the pets are truly precious.


His animals are like his kids. Braff’s girlfriend dresses them up and then he cuddles with them.

“Yeah, I’m that guy taking pictures of his small dog,” he admitted.

He also took a trip to Australia and got to see koalas. They told him when he got off the plane that he couldn’t go to sleep because it would mess his internal clock up. He went to the zoo, but when he saw all the cuddly koalas sleeping it really didn’t help.

Ellen: Zach Braff Is Not Dead

Despite his huge online fan base, Braff has been killed off online twice now. The first time, he took to Facebook to announce he was still alive. He said he didn’t get the amount of likes he hoped.

This second time, he was rumored to have fallen off a cliff in New Zealand. He said he doesn’t understand why he keeps getting killed off or why they chose a cliff in New Zealand. For the record, Zach Braff is not dead. He is alive and well.


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