Ellen: YouTube Video John Eats Sprinkles & Tegan and Sara “Closer”


Ellen: Three-Year-Old John Eats Sprinkles

In Ellen’s new favorite YouTube video, three-year-old John eats all of his mom’s sprinkles and then lies about it. His mom thought that John was just playing with refrigerator magnets. He walked into the room and was covered in sprinkles. Their family members live all over the country, so she grabbed a video camera to tape the questioning.

Ellen: YouTube Video John Eats Sprinkles & Tegan and Sara "Closer"

Three-year-old John loves his sprinkles and lying.


“John, what are you eating?”

“I didn’t eat anything.”

“Are you telling the truth?”



In just a few days the video went from thousands of views to 1.6 million. Ellen told John he’s not supposed to lie and gave him a little quiz to see how he was doing on telling the truth.

  • Have you read my book? John: Yes
  • Have you driven a car? John: Yes
  • Have you ever lied about eating sprinkles? John: Yes

Ellen gave John’s mom a new video camera so they could make more videos for their family. John got a shirt that said, “I wasn’t on Ellen. Ok, I was on Ellen.” Ellen also brought out a giant cart with “John’s Sprinkles.” She picked him up and let him have all the sprinkles he wanted.

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Ellen: Tegan & Sara Perform “Closer”

One of Ellen’s favorite bands Tegan and Sara performed their new single “Closer” from their album HeartthrobTegan and Sara are identical twin sisters from Canada. They recently received their first Grammy nomination.

Tegan and Sara gave a nice live performance. I feel like they are the female version of Fun. They started out as a simple indie rock duo and are now receiving huge attention for their new album.

The sisters are both huge advocates for LGBT equality. They split their time between the states and Canada. Their music has graced shows like Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. 

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