Ellen: Young Woman Saving For College Gets a Huge Surprise


Ellen: Woman Saving for College Gets a Surprise

Ellen decided to play a game called Cash at Your Door with a viewer. This is a game where she normally surprises a viewer at home and gives them a chance to win some money. Today, she crossed the border and surprised a Canadian fan at a grocery store where she works. She called this game Cash at Your Store.

Ellen: Young Woman Saving For College Gets a Huge Surprise

Ellen surprised a high school graduate who is saving for college in Canada when Jeannie came by the grocery store she worked at to play a special version of Cash at Your Door. (Goldenarts / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen sent Jeannie to Ontario to play. Jeannie wore a big blond bob wig. She said this was her first time to Canada but she was very excited to be there. Ellen wondered if she was making it okay over there and if she spoke the language.

“I’m making it okay, eh,” Jeannie joked.

“You’ve learned the language,” Ellen said.


Ellen TV: Cash at Your Store

Jeannie sent her there to surprise Leah, a recent high school graduate who has been watching the show since she was 8 years old. She’s taking a year off to save up money for college.

Ellen prank called her at first, claiming to be a regular costumer named Margo who always wears “yellow blouses.” But once she realized she was talking to Leah, she revealed she was Ellen.

Then it was time to play Cash at Your Store with Leah. Leah couldn’t believe her luck and gave Jeannie a huge hug.

Jeannie asked Leah some questions. The rules were that for each question Leah answered correctly, she got $1,000. But if she gets one wrong, she loses $1,000. The questions were all softballs at first, like “How come every shopping cart has one wheel that won’t turn?” and “Which singer is ‘All About That Bass‘?”

But it got harder when Jeannie asked what a pack of batteries, some crackers, and mints would cost. If Leah could guess the right price within a dollar, she got another $1,000. Incredibly, Jeannie got the answer right.

Ellen: Big Surprise for High School Graduate

After the game, Ellen revealed that if Leah could go get cake mix and bring it back in 30 seconds, she would win $5,000 more. Leah grabbed a whole bunch of boxes for some reason. Ellen revealed that Shutterfly was going to round up Leah’s winnings to $15,000, although Ellen joked she wasn’t sure how much that was in Canadian dollars.


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