Ellen: Will Newark Super Mayor Cory Booker Run For President


Ellen: Mayor Cory Booker

Mayor Cory Booker is used to making headlines, but before Ellen DeGeneres talked to him about his most recent notable deed, she shared some background information on the Newark, New Jersey mayor.

Cory Booker has degrees from Stanford, Oxford, and Yale, which is impressive on its own. But then he rolled up his sleeves and got to work helping to revitalize the city of Newark, New Jersey. He moved there in 1997, and nine years later he was elected mayor.


Ellen: Cory Booker

Ellen asked Newark's Super Mayor Cory Booker about his future political plans. (Image Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)

Since 2006, crime rates are down almost 50%, the economy is rebounding, and he’s putting an emphasis on revitalizing the city’s education system. He lives among citizens in the city’s housing projects and is active in a variety of activities with citizens of all ages.

Last week, he added an act of heroism to his resume, saving a 47-year-old woman’s life during a house fire, against the advice of fire department officials.


Ellen: Hero Mayor Cory Booker

Cory Booker was not shy about dancing with Ellen as she invited him onstage to talk about his recent headline making night. “What an amazing human being you are,” Ellen said, “For all that you’re doing for that city.”

He was on his way home when he passed by the fire, and there was one more person still inside the house. Without hesitation, he ran inside the house to save the woman’s daughter, despite almost literally being dragged out of the building before he could get inside.

Ellen: Mayor Saves Neighbor From Fire

Cory recalled that he was able to avoid the fire in the kitchen on his first trip through the house. The smoke and flames made it difficult to find the woman he was trying to rescue. He had a second of hopelessness before hearing the woman call out and being able to locate her.

He had to choose between going out the window or running through the wall of fire in the kitchen and making it out of the house. The woman did sustain some burns in the incident, but Cory only had burns on her hands.

Ellen reported that since the fire Cory has offered to pay the family’s medical bills and has been visiting the woman in the hospital. He said that he’s been close with this family since moving to their neighborhood years ago.

Ellen: Will Cory Booker Run For President

Cory said that his city of Newark is full of heroes, and he feels he is being overly praised. “What gives me the most pride is to see a community come together and really challenge the moral imagination of a country that often sees cities, like Newark, as a place not to go to or a place with challenges,” he said. “And what Newark’s done in the last six years is transform its reputation.”

Ellen said that he is leading the charge, and she had to ask about his future political aspirations, such as whether he’s interested in the presidency.

“Life is about purpose, not position, and I’ve got two more years on my term,” he said. He said he feels like he’s doing the work he’s supposed to be doing, but he has not yet decided what his political future holds past this mayoral term.

Ellen predicted that he’ll run for senator after his mayoral term ends, and recalled that he turned down an offer to serve President Barack Obama to continue his important work in Newark.

Ellen: Super Mayor Cory Booker

To help Cory the next time he finds himself in a heroic situation, Ellen offered a fashion suggestion. She had her staffer Ross model a business suit with a cape. The pants came off to reveal classic Superman tights underneath.

“That is a way to ensure I never get elected to another office,” Cory Booker said of the outfit.


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