Ellen: Wholly Guacamole Review & Dinosaur Expert Harrison McGovern


Ellen: Paris Fashion Week

Ellen began her show by sharing her thoughts on Paris Fashion Week. Some of the fashions are beautiful and glamorous, while others are just plain strange. Some of Ellen’s favorite looks included a dress that looked like a shuttlecock (used to play badminton), a dress that looked like a mop, and a men’s hooded sweatshirt that Ellen described as a “give me your pin number” type look.

Ellen: Jon Cryer Stands In For Betty DeGeneres

Ellen: Wholly Guacamole Review & Dinosaur Expert Harrison McGovern

Ellen reviewed Wholly Guacamole and chatted with eight-year-old dinosaur expert Harrison McGovern.


Ellen recently shared news that her beloved Mama, affectionately known as Mama DeGeneres, broke her back and is now in recovery. Ellen thanked everyone for all of the kind wishes being sent to her mom. And while we’re glad that Betty is resting and getting better, it will be a pretty lonely at the Ellen show without her!

In order to fill Mama’s usual seat, Ellen decided to have some friends act as stand-ins until she returns. Today’s stand-in was Emmy Award winner Jon Cryer, star of Two and a Half Men. Jon was dressed in a shawl and glasses in honor of Mama; not as good as the real thing, but pretty close!

Ellen: Wholly Guacamole Review

Ellen loves Wholly Guacamole, so she decided to share her enthusiasm with her audience. Wholly Guacamole is all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free, and pairs well with all types of foods. In order to express her love for Wholly Guacamole, Ellen decided to play a game called “Wholly Whack-a-Mole.”


While playing Wholly Whack-a-Mole, Ellen described that the guacamole goes well with salads, veggies, burgers and wraps. But really, the game seemed more like an excuse for Ellen to throw guacamole all over her staff.

Harrison McGovern: Eight-Year-Old Dinosaur Expert

Later, Ellen welcomed eight-year-old dinosaur expert Harrison McGovern. Harrison is in third grade and has been studying dinosaurs since he was two years old. His mom used to read him a book about dinosaurs when he was just a toddler.

Harrison revealed that if he were a dinosaur, he would be a Carnotaurus, which have big horns on their head. He and Ellen also took a look at some very cool dinosaur fossils. Ellen wondered aloud, “How much would this sell for on eBay?”

Ellen invited Harrison back to the show anytime, because she loves learning about dinosaurs. She also sent him to the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum so that he can learn even more.


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