Ellen: Who Is Taylor Swift Dating & Who Was Her Last Kiss?


Ellen Taylor Swift Interview

While Ellen was backstage with Taylor Swift, she sat down to have, what she called, a “serious” interview with Taylor. It was without a doubt the most amusing interview I’ve ever seen Ellen do.

Taylor Swift Dating Ellen

Taylor Swift told Ellen that she isn't dating anyone at the moment and doesn't want to be (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

“Well look at you,” she said. Then she proceeded to look at Taylor without saying anything at all.


“Finish this statement, ‘I am Taylor blank,'” Ellen said, asking Taylor to fill in the blank with a response.

“Is this a trick question?” Taylor asked. “I think birth-certificate-wise it’s Swift.”

Then Ellen proceeded to ask Taylor more questions in that same fill-in-the-blank format.


Ellen: Who Is Taylor Swift Dating?

“I am Taylor Swift and I am dating blank,” she said.

“Nobody,” Taylor replied.

Ellen stared at Taylor with a look that seemed to doubt her honesty, but Taylor said it was true.

“I am Taylor Swift and I would like to be dating blank,” Ellen said.

Again, Taylor said there was no one she wants to be dating.

Feigning frustration, Ellen said, “I am Taylor Swift and my publicist told me to say blank.”

“My publicist to me not to answer any personal questions,” Taylor said.

“Now we’re getting somewhere!” Ellen said.

Ellen asked several more questions, continuing the mock-interview style.

Ellen: The Last Person Taylor Swift Kissed

“The last person I kissed is blank,” Ellen said.

“I think an 8-year-old kid in the audience last night,” Taylor said.

“That is gross!” Ellen said, pretending to judge Taylor for kissing the kid.

“It was on the cheek,” Taylor explained.

Ellen: Taylor Swift In Prison?

“Let’s talk about your time in prison,” Ellen said.

“Ummm…I didn’t go to prison,” Taylor said.

“No?” Ellen asked and then realized her mistake. “I’m sorry. I’m thinking of my questions for T.I.”

Ellen Storms Out of Taylor Swift Interview

Shifting the interview, Ellen told Taylor that she was free to ask any questions she wanted. She emphasized that, because she and Taylor are such good friends, no question is off-limits.

“What’s your favorite fish?” Taylor asked.

“How dare you!” Ellen shouted and stormed off set.

“I just figured, since you were in Finding Nemo, it’s an easy question,” Taylor said.

“Stop talking!” Ellen shouted from off camera.


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