Ellen: What’s Under Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Suit


Ellen: Andrew Garfield is Spider-Man

Ellen DeGeneres asked how Andrew Garfield got in shape for his new role as Spider-Man. He laughed at the suggestion that he was built before the film, and said he had to really work out before shooting began.

“It was a life change,” he said. “I get frustrated with those Men’s Health magazines or whatever. ‘In five minutes, you’ll be as fit as a fiddle if you just follow these three simple steps and eat only cucumbers.’”


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Ellen: What’s Under Andrew Garfield’s Spidey Suit

Ellen: Andrew Garfield Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield told Ellen what he's wearing under his Spidey suit & how he got in shape for the role. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

He also got embarrassed when Ellen flashed promotional photos of Andrew in the form fitting costume. His training was hard work, and he admitted that he had a lot of help.


The Spider-Man suit itself is uncomfortable, he reported. He didn’t know what material it was made of, but said that it irritated his skin.

Ellen asked what he wears under the Spidey suit, and the audience seemed pleased to learn that “it’s just me,” according to Andrew. As Ellen pointed out, underwear lines would be visible on camera.

Ellen: Andrew Garfield Spider-Man Paparazzi

Ellen asked if he felt naked in the suit. “Yeah, it’s the worst,” he said. They shot on location in downtown LA, and said that the paparazzi took a lot of unflattering photos of him in the costume. He said he approached it as an acting exercise, remembering that he was wearing a mask and could assume the alter ego.

“Knowing that your keister is being shot from many different angles makes you very uncomfortable,” he concluded.

“Right, no one wants their keister shot from an angle,” Ellen said. She predicted that his profile would increase once the movie comes out this summer, and he might not be able to leave his house without being mobbed by fans.

Ellen: Andrew Garfield Mullet Disguise

Ellen gave Andrew Garfield a mullet hat with built in sunglasses and mustache so he can disguise himself when going out in public. It was a ridiculous getup, but it just might do the trick. He looked like he should be doing a country music video in the early ‘90s.

Andrew said he thought he looked German in the wig, mustache and glasses, so he and Ellen did a German dance to end his interview.

Ellen: Amazing Spider-Man Opening Date

Check out Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, opening July 3 2012 in theaters.


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