Ellen: Wendy Williams Ask Wendy Advice & Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy


Ellen DeGeneres & Wendy Williams

Wendy just flew in for Ellen’s show, two hours before taping. She said that she actually loves to fly because it’s one of the only places where the phone doesn’t ring and work doesn’t have to get done. She gets to relax and sleep. She doesn’t like to use the bathroom while on a plane and doesn’t drink anything until an hour before landing.

Ellen: Wendy Williams Ask Wendy Advice & Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy

Wendy Williams said she is airing her talk show through July just so they can cover Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and birth. (Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com)


Wendy Williams Has Always Been A Big Talker

“Since forever” Wendy Williams said she has been a big, outspoken talker. She got pretty serious when remembering being a kid and being loud and obnoxious. Her parents described her talking as “TMTFTL,” too much, too fast, too loud. She joked that she still has bruises on her knees from being kicked under the table by her parents.

“Life is short,” Wendy said she always talked at the dinner table because they didn’t have TV. Her whole family are talkers so she had to get herself heard some how.

Wendy Williams Show Airing Through July, Covering Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy

Ellen wondered if Wendy have ever run into anyone that she has bad mouthed on her show. “No I hide out in Jersey!” Wendy laughed. Williams said she doesn’t say anything other than what the tabloids are saying. It’s nothing bad, it’s everywhere.


Wendy came back from her three-month break last year and told her producers she didn’t want a three month break again. She was ecstatic when she found out that Kim Kardashian is pregnant and due in July. It was the perfect reason to keep going through the summer. That’s all anyone will be talking about anyway, so she had to cover it.

Wendy Williams is happy for Kim, but she fears that Kim will become a single mom. She thinks that Kanye West will be a lot to deal with, especially with a baby. Wendy hopes that doesn’t happen, but it just looks like it might. She noted that Kanye has been hanging out in Europe for most of Kim’s pregnancy, which is a strong indicator of his character. Wendy said that Kim won’t find out exactly what she’s gotten into until Kanye comes home and they are living under one roof. Nonetheless, she is thrilled for Kim and excited to see her become a mommy.

Wendy Williams’ PETA Campaign & Learning to Knit

Wendy has been married for 15 years and has a 12 year old “little gift from God” son. She said that her son loves her wigs and the fact that she has posed for the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” PETA ads. She still eats pork, because she can’t live without bacon.

Ellen and Wendy exchanged gifts. Ellen got a pair of sparkly and studded loafers because Wendy is all about fashion on her talk show. Ellen gave Wendy a giant kitting kit, because Wendy plans to learn to knit this summer.

Wendy Williams Gives Advice on Getting a Man to Marry You

Wendy gave advice to audience members. She said that to get a man to marry you, you need to be serious and bring it up in a calm way. It’s important not to scare the man off. If you have a guy at work hitting on you, just tell them gently that you don’t want to “poop where you eat.” For women having a baby, to keep your man interested and to yourself you should remind him that you are a beautiful, smart woman that has a lot to contribute to the world.


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