Ellen: Wanda Sykes Public Bathroom Accident & The Hot Flashes Review


Ellen: Wanda Sykes

Ellen DeGeneres can never stop laughing at her friend Wanda Sykes, whose movie The Hot Flashes is being released in summer 2013. Sykes returned to Ellen’s stage for a hilarious chat.

Ellen: Wanda Sykes Public Bathroom Accident


Ellen: Wanda Sykes Public Bathroom Accident & The Hot Flashes Review

Ellen talked with Wanda Sykes about her four-year-old twins, the challenges of getting older (especially for the bladder), and The Hot Flashes movie review. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Their busy schedules have kept the friends apart, and since the last time they spoke, Wanda had her 49th birthday. “I don’t have a problem with the birthdays and the numbers,” Wanda explained. “I have a problem with things falling apart.”

She said that her age has affected her ability to hover over the toilet in a public restroom. She said she had a problem with “two streams,” which makes it hard to aim.


“So now I know why old people smell like pee,” she concluded.

Ellen: Wanda Sykes Twins

Wanda’s children are four years old, and Ellen wondered how she and her wife handle birthdays. Since they are twins, Wanda said they have a joint party with one cake for them to share.

That sounds fair to me. At four years old, Olivia and Lucas are probably too young to know any better. But Wanda said that her wife, Alex, spoils the kids by bringing them gifts when she has been traveling.

“Whenever you see me walk back through that door, that’s your gift,” she recalled telling the kids when they were disappointed that she didn’t bring them anything. “I don’t have to come back. I have good credit,” she joked.

My dad traveled a lot on business when I was growing up, and every now and then he would bring gifts back for my siblings and me. Sometimes he would just give me a day-old USA Today, though, which I still thought was a gift because I am a dork. In my defense, this was before the Internet.

Ellen: Wanda Sykes Wife’s Accent

Wanda’s wife, Alex, speaks French, but the language is not rubbing off on the comedian. She said she does better with it after having a few drinks. On the flip side, she said that Alex’s English is still difficult to understand.

Alex recently asked her where she could find the caulk to fix a leak in the fountain, but Wanda misunderstood her and heard another word that sounds similar. That must have been a fun day for the guy working at the hardware store.

Have you ever had a hilarious misunderstanding because of mispronunciation?

Ellen: The Hot Flashes Review

In The Hot Flashes, a group of former high school classmates reunites their women’s basketball team to take on the current girls’ varsity team and raise money for the town’s mobile mammography unit.

The film also stars Brooke Shields and Camryn Manheim, among others. Sykes said the movie, which was filmed in New Orleans, was a lot of fun to make. But the cast did not stay out of trouble during shooting.

Ellen: Wanda Sykes In New Orleans

One night, Sykes went out with a couple friends from the movie. Her co-star, Mark Povinelli, a little person, was only getting half shots from the bartender, so Wanda complained.

Then she got in trouble for cursing at the blackjack table and went head to head with the casino manager. Another friend tried to play the race card on Wanda’s behalf, to which she also took offense: “Let me play my own race card. And I only get two, and I don’t want to use one on this situation,” she joked.

It sounds like there was a big melee at the casino, and Sykes was escorted from the casino with her friends. “At least you had fun,” Ellen said.

Too bad that’s not in the movie. You can see The Hot Flashes in theaters starting July 12 2013.


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