Ellen: Wanda Sykes New Orleans Saints, Stand Up Tour & Anniversary


Ellen: Wanda Sykes 21st Appearance

Wanda Sykes came by Ellen for her 21st appearance on Ellen’s show. To celebrate, Ellen called out Nick the Gardener to bring them champagne. When he arrived, Ellen asked him if he got hot on his walk. He said yes and ripped his shirt off. Wanda Sykes looked kind of confused, but the audience cheered.

Ellen TV: Wanda Sykes Putting Out The Fire

Wanda Sykes went with her family to France over the summer. On Bastille Day, they set a fire on the beach in front of the house they were renting. Some guy came up and started speaking French to the relatives and all of a sudden, they started putting the fire out. Wanda’s wife said that the man said he was a cop, and he said they couldn’t have the fire.


Ellen: Wanda Sykes New Orleans Saints, Stand Up Tour & Anniversary

Wanda Sykes came by Ellen’s show to talk about her trip to France, and what life is like at home with her wife and kids. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Wanda Sykes was shocked because the man was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. She said in France, they let anyone walk up and listen to them when they claim to be someone. In the U.S., you have to have a gun, a badge, and a uniform.

“Well, now I see how Hitler did it. Now I get it. He just walked right into France, like, look, this is what we got to do. And they went, ‘Okay,'” Wanda Sykes said.


Ellen: Wanda Sykes Wedding Anniversary

Wanda Sykes and her wife Alex are about to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary on October 25. Wanda says she calls it the day her wife won the lottery.

Ellen TV: Wanda Sykes Kids

Wanda Sykes is raising twins with her wife, who are five now. But Wanda said she’s still getting used to raising white kids. She said in the middle of the night, they like to come to their bed.

“I’m gonna tell you right now, there is nothing scarier than seeing two little white kids standing at the foot of your bed,” Wanda said.

She said it’s creepy and it scares her every time. She said she’s wet the bed twice. The two of them will stand there together at the foot of the bed and smile at her.

Ellen: Wanda Sykes Cooking

Wanda Sykes said she’s a better cook than her wife. She said when she cooks, her kids can taste her heart and soul. But when Alex cooks, it’s more out of necessity. She said when you taste it, all you can think is, “Well, you gotta eat.”

Ellen TV: Wanda Sykes New Orleans Saints

Wanda Sykes is a New Orleans Saints fan and they haven’t been doing well. Wanda said her wife drives her crazy, because she doesn’t understand football. So when Wanda is watching football, Alex will come up and make comments that make Wanda angry. Alex will say things like, “Oh, okay, so the other team, the one that’s losing badly, that’s your team?” and “Oh, look, they scored again. I didn’t know you could score this many points.”

Ellen: Wanda Sykes Stand-Up

Wanda said she loved doing stand-up. She it’s where her career started and it’s why her career got to where it is. It’s why she was on Ellen today.

Ellen TV: Wanda Sykes Flying

Wanda Sykes said that flying is the hardest part. There’s been three planes that have been diverted because people keep fighting on planes. Wanda said that flying is a “social experiment just to find out what’s your breaking point.” Wanda said she felt bad for the big guys who sit in the little coach seats, because she worries about them having kids. It looks to her like they’re crushing something.

One time, Wanda said she almost got into a fight. She was trying to get up from her seat and she grabbed the back of the headrest of the seat in front of her to get up. This woman screamed and Wanda realized she had a fistful of hair.

“And I just said to myself, Lord, please don’t let this be black woman’s hair,” she said. But the hairs were blonde, which she was greatly relieved by.

“The last thing you want to see is a black woman sitting there, with baby powder on her chest. That’s where it’s over,” she said. “You getting your butt whipped.”

Wanda said that if you go out of the house with baby powder on your chest, you don’t care about anything. Ellen asked what the baby powder was for and Wanda said she had no idea and didn’t want to find out.

Wanda Sykes is on tour this fall.


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