Ellen: Wanda Sykes Ice Age Continental Drift & Hot Flashes Movie


Ellen: Wanda Sykes Ice Age

Though this latest film, Continental Drift, is the fourth Ice Age movie, it’s the first time Wanda Sykes has been a part of the popular animated franchise. She plays Granny to John Leguizamo’s character, Sid. “The way his family abandoned him, they abandon me,” she said. “They just drop me off with him and take off.”

Wanda Sykes said she tried to do an old lady voice, but producers told her, “No, your voice is fine.” That seems like a backhanded compliment at best. She offered to do a Betty White impression, but they turned her down.


Ellen: Wanda Sykes Ice Age

Wanda Sykes takes on a new role in the 2012 summer movie Ice Age: Continental Drift. (Image Credit: Harmony Gerber / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen said she likes being able to identify Wanda’s voice, because her delivery alone makes Ellen laugh. Wanda said her mother tried to get her to change her voice when she was a kid.

“I guess my voice got on her nerves or something,” she said. “I was outside, playing, not even talking to her. …And she would yell out the window: ‘Wanda! …Change your voice!”


Ice Age: Continental Drift will be in theaters July 13 2012.

Ellen: Wanda Sykes The Hot Flashes New Orleans

Wanda Sykes was also recently in Ellen’s hometown and favorite city, to shoot a new movie called The Hot Flashes. It’s about adult women who reunite their high school basketball team to raise money to fight breast cancer. They even take on the current high school basketball team in the film. This sounds like a Lifetime movie if I’ve ever heard one.

Ellen said it would’ve been hot to play basketball in New Orleans. “Luckily, we played indoors,” Wanda explained. “But there were days when we had outdoor scenes.”

Wanda said her biggest complaints about being on location in New Orleans were the humidity and the mosquitos, which were out in force at night. “I’m pretty sure one knifed me,” she said.

She did get recognized on the streets of New Orleans. In the middle of the day, a woman came up to her and asked if she was Lenny Kravitz. Since it was broad daylight, Wanda assumed the woman wasn’t drunk yet (that’s a bit of a leap). “And for some reason, I was flattered,” Wanda said.

You can see Wanda Sykes performing standup comedy in a city near you. Visit her website, wandasykes.com, for tour dates and tickets.


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