Ellen: Wanda Sykes 2013 Comedy Tour & Kids Olivia & Lucas Speak French


Ellen: Wanda Sykes 2013 Comedy Tour

Wanda Sykes is getting ready to kick off her 2013 comedy tour. You can find all the dates on on her website. Ellen said it is a must-see show.

Ellen: Getting Older

While Ellen is getting older and dealing with her joint pain, so is Wanda Sykes. She said she went to play tennis with a friend and two days later she couldn’t walk. Her doctor said, “Well, you’re just old.”


Ellen: Wanda Sykes 2013 Comedy Tour & Kids Olivia & Lucas Speak French

Wanda Sykes talked about her twins, Olivia and Lucas, and how they are growing up. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Sykes tried not to take offense, but then he added that they only fix injuries like hers on “young people.” That’s just not nice. She joked she was going to go to a junkyard and find her a spare part to fix her knee.

Ellen: Wanda Sykes Twins

Wanda Sykes and her wife have a set of twins, Olivia and Lucas. They will turn four in April. Sykes joked that she took them to Ikea, which is like a baby’s motherland. “It’s like going to Africa for black kids,” she laughed.


Olivia kept touching things and Sykes kept telling her to stop or they would have to leave. They went through the marketplace where all of the glassware is held. Olivia started touching the glasses and Sykes was ready to pull them out of the store. “I wasn’t touching!” her daughter said. “I was caressing!”

The funniest part is that she said it in French. Sykes’ wife and kids speak French in their home and Sykes knows enough just to know when they screw it up. She laughed that her daughter often gives her shady looks like she’s going to kill her in her sleep.

Her son Lucas is sweet, but she said he can act like a boy. He likes to make potty jokes and greets her in the morning with a crazy voice. “Eh, mommy!” she said, like a construction worker.

Ellen: Beyoncé Baby Blue Ivy

Sykes and Ellen talked about the Beyoncé documentary on HBO. They said she looked great and it was respectfully done. They were both impressed with how smart Beyoncé is.

Ellen presented with Beyoncé at the Grammys. Sykes said they should have had a warning or advanced team to let the stars know when someone beautiful is coming. She said she caught Jay-Z looking at Jennifer Lopez one time too many.

As for their baby, Blue Ivy, Sykes said it’s a good thing she takes after Beyoncé. Imagine a baby with Jay-Z’s head. “If the baby looked like Jay-Z, she would not need an advanced team,” Sykes joked.

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