Ellen vs Jimmie Johnson Go-Kart Race & Using the Bathroom On the Track


Ellen: Kevin the Cashier

In a new segment, Adam played Kevin the Cashier. They set him up at a local Walgreens and he had fun with the customers. The jury is still out on whether some of them got the joke. Adam/Kevin was hilarious and I would love for more cashiers to have his good-natured vibe.

He played around with customers and said he had to wait for his lotion to dry on his hands or gave them ridiculous contests to win. One woman checked out with a ton of toilet paper and he built a fort with it while he checked her out. Another time, Adam/Kevin said he would be right back and ducked under the counter for two minutes. He didn’t fool the customers.


While some of the customers just wanted to check out and go, Adam/Kevin had fun. He got to touch a really awesome mustache so I think we all know who won in this game.

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Ellen: Jimmie Johnson Two-Time Daytona 500 Winner

Jimmie Johnson is loaded with NASCAR wins. He’s the five-time NASCAR series champion and two-time Daytona 500 champ. He called the Daytona 500 the Super Bowl of NASCAR and it’s rare to win it more than once.


Ellen vs Jimmie Johnson Go-Kart Race & Using the Bathroom On the Track

Jimmie Johnson may have won the Daytona 500 last week, but Ellen still beat him at go-karts. (Photo Works / Shutterstock.com)

Jimmie said he doesn’t take breaks when he drives in the races. The Daytona 500 is a 500 mile race and he said some drivers do go to the bathroom in their cars. He doesn’t drink before the race and the heat in the car helps get rid of any moisture. No matter the outside temperature, it’s about 100 degrees in the car and he sweats out most of the water in his body. He also wears a layer of fire-proof underwear and three more layers of a fire-proof suit. He has a Gatorade Camelback system that feeds him through a straw during the race.

Ellen: Racetrack Statistics

Ellen isn’t a big racing buff, so she got briefed by Jimmie. The smaller tracks let you go around 150 MPH, while the larger go around 210 MPH. Jimmie said his fastest speed last season was 217 MPH on a track in Michigan.

He said he loves to scare himself in the car. The car drifts when you go around turns and he’s often scared while he tries to control himself. It’s his idea of entertainment. Crashes happen all the time and he said it’s all fun and games until something goes wrong.

Jimmie also has gotten delirious on the smaller tracks. Bristol’s track is small and you can do a lap in 14 seconds. People go delirious on Bristol, he said.

Ellen: Jimmie’s History In Racing

Jimmie started racing dirt bikes at age five. He got a lot of broken bones and eventually moved on to cars. He said that his daughter is two and a half. He would let her race if she wanted to, but he doesn’t think her mom would.

Ellen vs Jimmie Johnson

Two go-karts. Five laps. Ellen and Jimmie faced off in a good-natured go-kart race. Ellen cut him off several times and Jimmie creeped up to take the lead. He ended up backing off and Ellen won the race.


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