Ellen: Vince Vaughn The Watch & Daughter Locklyn Vaughn


Ellen: The Watch Vince Vaughn

“Our first guest is one of America’s funniest actors,” Ellen said as she welcomed Vince Vaughn on the show. When Vince walked out, he was carrying two bottles of wine, both of which he handed to Ellen.

“I want to say congratualtions on your 1500th show,” Vince told Ellen.


“Two bottles is extravagant,” Ellen said. “One is sufficient.”

“One is for the first 1500 and the second is for the next 1500,” Vince said.

Ellen: Vince Vaughn The Watch

Vince Vaughn previewed The Watch and talked about his daughter Locklyn. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Apparently Vince Vaughn has an abundance of wine right now because he recently toured three vineyards in one day, participating in wine tastings at each one.

“Don’t book three in a day cause then all the wine tastes really good,” Vince joked.

Ellen laughed at him because she said that you’re supposed to spit the wine out at wine tastings so that you can avoid getting drunk. Vince said he doesn’t do that because it feels rude.

“I bought so many cases of wine,” Vince said. “I don’t have a wine cellar but I got so overwhelmed.”

Ellen: Vince Vaughn Daughter Locklyn

Vince Vaughn said his daughter Locklyn is 18 months old now. Ellen showed a picture of her and was in awe of how cute she was.

“That ridiculous face,” Ellen said. “Wow. She is beautiful.”

“She looks like her mother,” Vince said.

Vince said that Locklyn is starting to speak…slowly.

“She has seven words,” he said. “She’s like a pullout doll.”

He joked that Locklyn is like a rapper, bending and manipulating the few words she knows.

Ellen: Vince Vaughn Former Telemarketer

Ellen teased Vince Vaughn for being formerly employed as a telemarketer.

“You should apologize for all telemarketers because they’re annoying,” she joked.

Vince said he was too young and naive at the time to understand what was going on.

“I didn’t realize until later in life that maybe the job I had was a fraud job,” he said.

Vince said that he was about 17 and was hired to sell tickets to the “Lake County Sheriff Rodeo.” There were package deals that he would offer people over the phone. If his customer wasn’t interested in any of the deals, he would tell them that “For five dollars you could send an orphan to the rodeo.”

Vince said that the orphan option was surprisingly successful.

“We pushed some orphan tickets,” he said.

Looking back, Vince said it was a little sketchy.

“I don’t know if there was a rodeo,” he admitted. “I don’t know what happened.”

Ellen: Vince Vaughn The Watch

Ellen showed a scene from Vince‘s new film, The Watch. The clip showed Vince‘s character chiding Ben Stiller‘s character for not wanting children.

“It’s just that it’s such a huge part of the human experience,” Vince‘s character said.

Then his character’s teenage daughter entered the scene and the two shouted at each other in a heated argument.

“That’s my little princess,” Vince character said. “That’s my little angel.”

Vince said the movie tells the tale of a neighborhood watch team trying to thwart alien invaders.

“There’s some stuff going on in the neighborhood with us and it turns out that there might be some aliens among us,” he said.

The film opens in theaters on July 27.

Ellen: Last Word with Vince Vaughn

Ellen asked Vince Vaughn to play a word game called Last Word with her. The game was that a category would be selected and then they’d have 30 seconds to take turns naming things that fit in that category. Whoever had the last word won.

The first category was “summer activities.” The funniest part was when Vince said “streaking.” Ellen won the round.

The second category was “things you see on a beach.” The funniest part was definitely when Vince said, “undesirables in a speedo.” Ellen countered with, “undesirables in a bikini.”


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