Ellen: Vince Vaughn Expecting Baby #2 & Filming At Google Headquarters


Ellen: Vince Vaughn In The Internship

Vince Vaughn is one of Ellen’s guests that loves to dance. He danced out and continued dancing after the music shut off. Ellen said that he should have kept going, but he said he would rather visit with his friend. How sweet. This gave Ellen the idea of doing interviews while dancing as a form of exercise.

Vince Vaughn’s 44th Birthday At Benihana

Vaughn said that he and his friends went to Benihanna after a bowling birthday party for his last birthday. He said that there was a woman that was having her 51st birthday at the same table.


“I’m 51 and still having fun!” she yelled.

Vince said she would get so into the chanting that she had the whole restaurant doing it. He plans to return to Benihana next year in case she shows up. It will be interesting to see how she rhymes 52.

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Vince Vaughn Expecting Baby #2

Ellen: Vince Vaughn Expecting Baby #2 & Filming At Google Headquarters

Vince Vaughn told Ellen first: he and his wife are expecting baby #2. He talked about the craziness of filming at Google headquarters for The Internship. (image credit: Joe Seer, Shutterstock.com)

Vince Vaughn said that he and his wife are expecting their second child in August. He broke the news to Ellen first. Vaughn said they may just have to deliver at Benihana since it seems like a fun place for them.

His daughter Lochlyn is about two-years-old and they are trying to accelerate her potty training process before the new baby comes. Up until this point, she’s been on a strict diet of healthy foods and shakes. He’s now using chocolates to encourage her to use the big girl potty. Well, he described it as “pumping her full of chocolates.”

Vince Vaughn’s Daughter Lochlyn Plays Hide and Seek

Lochlyn has taken to her favorite sport, hide and seek. Vince Vaughn said his daughter is like an ostrich when she hides. She thinks that if she can’t see you, you can’t see her. Lochlyn will hide her face and you will see her little behind sticking up. I’m dying from the amount of cute.

Vince Vaughn said that his wife is Canadian so he has the most polite child on the planet. She knows her “please” and “thank you’s” better than her ABC’s.  

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Filming The Internship With Owen Wilson At Google Headquarters

Vince Vaughn got to film The Internship with his good friend Owen Wilson. He and Wilson lose their jobs and go for internships at Google. He said that they filmed at the Google headquarters and it was insane. There was food everywhere and the staff plays quidditch in the hallways. I will now be starting a petition to make my office more like Google’s.

Ellen wanted Vince to fit a giant Ellen mug into one of the scenes of the film. Be on the lookout for one of the extras carrying this mug in a scene in The Internship.

Vince Vaughn Flies Virgin Atlantic vs Ellen Flies Qantas

Vince Vaughn and Ellen had to work in their product placement somehow. Vaughn has been flying Virgin Atlantic on his commutes from Los Angeles to Chicago, where his family lives. He loves to fly Virgin Atlantic because it feels like you are flying in a night club. There is mood lighting and it’s crowded.

Ellen said she prefers to fly Qantas. Have you heard of Qantas? No? Then you haven’t been watching Ellen for the last six months. They funded Ellen’s trip to Australia last month. Vince Vaughn has flown Qantas and he said it’s fantastic. You get to fly in a pod that you never want to leave. Then, you get matching pajamas. “It’s like a sleepover on The Jetsons,” he said.


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