Ellen: Usher Skydiving, Shopping & Playing Games

Ellen: Usher Skydiving, Shopping & Playing Games

Usher came by to perform his new single, “Numb” off his album, Looking 4 Myself and sit down with Ellen to talk about some recent developments in his life.

Ellen’s Fashion Advice for Usher

Ellen: Usher Skydiving, Shopping & Playing Games

Usher stopped by Ellen to talk about his new game, Dance Central 3 and perform his new single, “Numb.” (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Before the American Music Awards, where Usher performed live, Ellen ran into Usher shopping in Los Angeles. Ellen couldn’t believe that he was shopping a few hours before a performance.

Ellen picked out an outfit that he could wear for the show and sent out a picture of it out on Instagram. The outfit was a Hawaiian-style shirt and bright red pants.

Ellen: Her Anniversary & Usher’s Rehearsal

Ellen’s anniversary with Portia was on December 1 and Usher invited the two of them to see a rehearsal for a performance he was doing in Dubai. She said it was a great anniversary present.


Ellen: Usher Dubai Skydive

Usher went to Dubai to perform and he ended up going skydiving from a helicopter. He said it was a great experience and that he would definitely do it again if Ellen came with him. Ellen said she wouldn’t do it. Usher said he’d like to know more about skydiving.

Ellen: Usher’s Dance Game Video

Usher has a new game out called Dance Central 3. Ellen and Usher tried it out together on the show. It’s a game where you dance in front of the television, similar to Dance Dance Revolution.

“Anyone can do it. It’s good fun for the family and a work out at the same time,” Usher said. It looked like a lot of fun. Ellen did well against Usher in his own song.

At the end, they revealed that Usher was going to join in on 12 Days. He gave the audience his game and a new Xbox 360!


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