Ellen: Usher Returning to The Voice Next Year & Justin Bieber is Young


Ellen DeGeneres: Usher Returning to The Voice 

Ellen: Usher Returning to The Voice Next Year & Justin Bieber is Young

Usher said he plans on returning to The Voice next year after making a movie and playing sugar Ray Leonard. He said Justin Bieber is “young.” Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Eight Grammys. 65 million records sold. Hello, Usher. He’s the theme to anyone’s wild night out at a club and now a mentor and judge on The Voice. America can’t get enough of him.


He and Ellen held hands, until Ellen wanted him to show off his signature sit. Usher hikes up his leg, switching between the two. Usher said that he has sat like that his whole life.

The Voice’s Michelle On Team Usher

Usher and Ellen both love his team member Michelle. She carries a message of love and life and laughter, just like Ellen. Ellen said there is nothing like Michelle. She moves in a unique way and is all her own.

Usher plans on coming back to The Voice and everyone is excited. He’s going to be away for a season and then back the next. This is going to be the trend for the series. Look for Shakira to be back as well, in the same way. Next season we’ll see Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera.


Usher’s training for a film, playing Sugar Ray Leonard. He’s learning the ins and outs of boxing so that everything will be real. Ellen tried to scare Usher with a boxer, but he didn’t fall for it. Ellen barely gets scared either, but this was impressive. He barely flinched.

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Ellen: Healing in the Heartland Benefit With Blake Shelton & Usher

Blake Shelton and Usher are doing Healing in the Heartland, a benefit for the people of Oklahoma. Whatever it is, he wants to lend a hand, or a voice, to the cause. He said that disaster doesn’t discriminate, it affects all of us. He was 100% game to help when Shelton asked him.

Usher Supports Justin Bieber & Says He Will Mature

Ellen wanted to know how Usher’s protege “young Justin Bieber” is doing. Ellen’s show was the first place that Justin performed, but he’s recently been in a bit of trouble with the media. Usher said the keyword here is he is young. He needs to take time to mature and he doesn’t have a lot of privacy. Usher hopes for the best for Justin and remembers that he is a teen living life in front of a camera.

“Imagine if there was a camera infront of you 24/7,” he said. Usher stays close with Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun.

“You go through something to get to something in life,” Usher reminded.

Usher’s boys are so cute. His namesake has become a little shy lately. They love bonding and having family theme nights. They do Mexican Mondays, Thai Tuesdays and Tuscan Thursdays to promote a love of traveling and learning about cultures.  

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Ariana Grande Sam & Cat & “The Way” Feat. Mac Miller

Is that Mariah Carey? Nope, but she’s the next big thing. Ariana Grande started her career on Nickelodeon’s VicTORIousShe played the airheaded Cat Valentine, a character there for the comic relief. She’s taking Cat to Nickelodeon’s new show Sam & Cat, combining characters fromVicTORIous and iCarly.

Grande’s latest project is her musicwhich she got into on VicTORIous. Her voice is phenomenal and really does sound like early Mariah Carey. Her range is out of this world. Teen boppers are obessed with Ariana Grande, but parents should research her lyrics. There is a stanza about sleeping with a man, and she’s just 19. She is legal, but you’re kids are going to be singing this song over and over.


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