Ellen: Tyler Perry OWN Spoof With Oprah Winfrey & Giving Up Madea?


Ellen DeGeneres: Tyler Perry

“There’s a lot of hats that you wear,” Ellen said.

“And a wig and a dress!” the creator of Madea quipped.


Ellen: Tyler Perry OWN Spoof With Oprah Winfrey & Giving Up Madea?

Tyler Perry said that he would give up Madea, but it brings so much joy to his fans. He did a spoof of Madea and The Color Purple to promote the OWN network. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Tyler Perry is constantly on the go from movie sets to television sets to his pal Oprah’s house, it’s a hard knock life for this celebrity. Perry said that every year he takes two months off to check in with himself. During that time, he jumps on a plane and just goes somewhere.

Tyler Perry’s Rescue Dogs & Life In Hollywood

He calls Atlanta home, but recently bought a home in Los Angeles. He takes his four dogs, Peter, Paul, Mary, and Aldo, with him to make his life more complete. Peter, Paul, and Mary were rescue puppies that he brought in.


Tyler Perry said that he doesn’t do the “Hollywood thing” very well. He rarely goes to parties and then has a hard time remembering everyone’s names later. It gets a little awkward. He said that Oprah has a good “Of course I remember you!”

Perry said that he is a big fan of Ellen’s Know or Go machine. He wants the home version so that when people tick him off, he can send them away.

Tyler Perry: OWN Spoof With Oprah

When Oprah retired from her talk show, she started her “OWN” network. The Oprah Winfrey Network now plays reruns of Oprah’s talk show, new episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter and Tyler Perry‘s new sitcom Love Thy Neighbor and drama Haves & Have NotsLove Thy Neighbor is about two characters that have to move back in with their grandmother, who is worse than Madea. Haves & Have Nots is an “upstairs/downstairs” drama that follows the lives of a rich family and their servants.

Tyler Perry Is Tired Of Madea

He wanted people to find the channel, so he created a mashup of Oprah’s character from The Color Purple and his character Madea. He hopes that it helps people get to the channel. Tyler Perry said that he likes doing Madea for his fans, but he really wants to push her off a cliff sometimes. He gets very tired of her after a while.

As a friend of Oprah, Ellen asked if Perry had ever ticked her off. He said he didn’t think so, but for her birthday one year he sent her a ton of roses. She bent over to pick them up and threw her back out for three days. He hoped it didn’t make her mad, but that had to suck.

You can catch Haves & Have Nots May 28 at 9 p.m. on OWN and Love They Neighbor May 29 at 9 p.m. on OWN.


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