Ellen: Tony Goldwyn Scandal, Doing Love Scenes & Sound Art L.A. Review


Ellen: Tony Goldwyn Cooking

Tony Goldwyn came by Ellen to talk about the Scandal winter finale. He plays the president on the show and one of Ellen’s favorite characters. Ellen asked him how his Thanksgiving was. Tony said he cooked for the holiday, although his wife normally limits him to cooking for small groups of people. This year for Thanksgiving, they had a small Thanksgiving, with just him, his wife, his two daughters, and one of his daughter’s friends.

Ellen TV: Tony Goldwyn Winter Finale

Ellen: Tony Goldwyn Scandal, Doing Love Scenes & Sound Art L.A. Review

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Tony Goldwyn to her show to talk about ‘Scandal,’ filming love scenes, directing the show, and his sister’s charity, Sound Art L.A. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Tony Goldwyn not only stars in Scandal, but he also directs the show. He directed the winter finale. Ellen wanted to talk about the famous “bitch baby” scene in the winter finale, where each of the characters said the unlikely phrase over and over again. Ellen wondered how none of the actors laughed during that scene. Tony Goldwyn said he was laughing when they were doing it, but the other actors committed to it and didn’t laugh at all during it. He said that kind of commitment is what makes the show “painful and hilarious and just a joy to direct”.

Ellen: Tony Goldwyn Love Scenes

Portia de Rossi, Ellen’s wife and one of the stars of Scandal, was recently directed in a love scene by Tony Goldwyn. Ellen said Portia was so nervous about it because she had to make certain expressions and do all this stuff, but when it aired, it was only one quick scene. Tony said they changed it for Ellen’s sake. Tony said that they’re thrilled to have Portia on the show and that she fits right in.

Tony Goldwyn has been in more than a few love scenes over the course of the show himself, including a steamy phone conversation scene. Tony said that this scene in particular took him by surprise. On Scandal, they never get the scripts before the table read. So they have to sit around and read the scene out loud together. He said he was really embarrassed reading the scene. He also said actually doing the scene was really awkward, because it was just him alone on the phone and just the crew watching him.


Ellen TV: Tony Goldwyn Seductive Reading

Because Ellen said Tony had a way of saying things seductively, she wanted him to read very un-seductive things. So first, he read a Hawaiian weather report. It didn’t go over very well. He tried to make it seductive, but it was still basically a weather report.

Ellen: Tony Goldwyn Sound Art L.A.

Earlier this year, Ellen challenged the cast of Scandal to get certain objects on the show. Each person was given a different object and the first one to get their object on the show would get $5,000 for their respective charity. Tony Goldwyn was the first one, so Ellen rewarded him with the money.

Tony Goldwyn said his sister has a charity called Sound Art L.A., which brings music educations to under-served schools and community centers. Ellen gave him the money for the charity. Ellen had a lot of difficulty tearing the giant check from the check pad, but eventually she got a part of it free.


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