Ellen: Tim McGraw Underwear Stolen & Reba McEntire’s Boobs


Ellen: Country Music Awards

Luke Bryan reported to Ellen from the Country Music Awards about Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s stolen underwear and stared at Reba McEntire’s boobs.

Ellen: Luke Bryan Country Music Awards

Country music singer Luke Bryan was reporting to Ellen from the red carpet at the Country Music Awards in Nashville.


Ellen: Tim McGraw Faith Hill Can’t Spell

Ellen: Tim McGraw Underwear

Luke Bryan was accused of stolen Tim McGraw underwear while Faith Hill waved her Ellen underwear in the air. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

The first people he talked to were Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and Ellen couldn’t help but to tease them a little bit.

“Because they’re country singers, ask them how many countries they can name,” she said.


“You go first,” Tim said to Faith but interjected before she could think of one. “Let’s start with Uzbekistan.”

“Spell it,” Luke said.

“I’m from Louisiana,” Tim said. “I can’t even spell Louisiana.”

It’s funny to wonder what Ellen thought of that quip, given that she’s from New Orleans.

Ellen: Where have Luke Bryan’s hands been?

Ellen told Luke to give Faith and Tim some popcorn.

“Just use your hands,” Ellen said.

“I know where Luke’s hands have been,” Tim said. “I’ve seen him on tour.”

Ellen: Tim McGraw Faith Hill Underwear

Then Ellen offered Faith and Tim some Ellen underwear. Luke handed them both a pair of black boxer briefs that said “ellen” across the waistband.

“These things are good,” Tim said.

“I know I’m wearing some right now,” Luke said.

Ellen demanded that Luke show his Ellen underwear to everyone, so he lifted the waistband out of his pants and sure enough, Ellen’s name was written across it.

“You’re such a suck up, man,” Tim said.

Ellen: Luke Bryan Stole Tim McGraw Underwear

Rebutting Tim’s comment, Luke said, “I’ve got Tim McGraw underwear and his cologne.”

“You’ve got my underwear ’cause you stole them!” Tim said.

As Faith started waving her pair of Ellen boxer briefs in the air, Ellen laughed and said, “The three of you have officially made my show a night time show.”

Ellen: Reba McEntire’s Boobs

Luke continued walking around the red carpet and eventually found Reba McEntire.

“Y’all should say ‘wow’ back and forth as much as you can,” Ellen said.

As commanded, Reba and Luke said “wow” to each other.

“I kinda looked at Reba’s boobs when I said ‘wow,'” Luke said. “I’m sorry.”

Then Reba and Luke continued to say “wow” to each other, using inflections that became increasingly sensual and semi-erotic sounding.

“Now it’s getting weird,” Ellen said. “That’s enough.”

“It got weird at the boob comment,” Luke said.


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