Ellen: The Voice’s Adam Levine Joins American Horror Story


Ellen: Adam Levine

You know him from Maroon 5 and The Voice. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt knows him from her fantasies. Adam Levine and his new short haircut came to hang out with Ellen DeGeneres, as the second season of his reality hit enters the home stretch.

Adam was out of breath from practicing his basketball skills backstage, which Ellen called cheating. The two are facing off in a game later in the show.


Ellen: Adam Levine American Horror Story

Maroon 5 singer & The Voice judge Adam Levine is joining FX's American Horror Story. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Adam Levine Romance

“There’s a bunch of women that love you,” Ellen told newly single Adam Levine, recalling that Jennifer Love Hewitt said she’d love to go out with him.

Adam Levine felt the move was “aggressive,” but ultimately “sweet and flattering” to get attention from a beautiful woman. Ellen volunteered to play matchmaker for him, even among the suitors in her audience.


Ellen: Adam Levine Vs DJ Tony

Ellen revealed that Adam is friends with DJ Tony, and she sought to damage their relationship by showing Adam the butchered version of “Moves Like Jagger” from her DJ Tony Karaoke challenge.

Adam feted Tony with a slow clap; once again, DJ Tony mounted his defense, that he only knows the beats, not the lyrics, of the songs he plays.

“I’m going to have to reevaluate our friendship,” Adam said.

Ellen: Adam Levine The Voice Season 2

Ellen asked how thing are going at The Voice in season 2.

Adam called the response overwhelming. “We’re just ecstatic beyond belief,” he said. He said he wants one of his mentees to win the season.

He said that Javier Colon was the clear front runner last year. But this season, he said all the finalists have a chance at the top prize.

“I think that anybody, given the right moment…anybody can win it,” he said.

Ellen: Adam Levine American Horror Story Season 2

Because he’s not already busy enough, Adam Levine is joining the cast of American Horror Story for its second season. Despite his dislike of scary things, Adam is a fan of Ryan Murphy, who’s behind the FX horror drama and Fox’s Glee.

Adam admits he agreed to be on the next season of the show without ever having watched it, so Ellen wondered whether he really knows what he is getting into. If you’re wondering about what role he’ll play, the series is being completed rebooted for its second year. Returning cast members like Jessica Lange will take on entirely new roles when the show returns.

Ellen Tries To Scare Adam Levine

To prep him for his new gig, Ellen had a male staffer dressed as Christina Aguilera sneak out from backstage to scare Adam during the interview. Adam Levine had almost no reaction to the intrusion, which is disappointing because some celebrities jump, scream, or swear.

Even Ellen admitted that she was hoping for more of a reaction. Maybe we’ll get to see Adam Levine’s scared face this fall in the new season of American Horror Story.


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