Ellen: The Voice Winner Jermaine Paul, Blake Shelton & ‘Open Arms’


Ellen Interviews Jermaine Paul

Ellen interviewed The Voice‘s Jermaine Paul about choosing Blake Shelton and winning the show. Then he performed Journey’s “Open Arms.”

Ellen: Jermaine Paul Wins NBC’s The Voice

Ellen showed a video clip of the season finale of NBC’s The Voice. The clip featured Jermaine Paul finding out that he had won the show.


When Jermaine joined Ellen onstage, she asked him what it was like to be the show’s winner.

“It was such an emotional night,” he said. “We had a post party and I got to perform ‘Soul Man.'”

“Did you think, ‘I really have a chance of winning?'” Ellen asked.


“I honestly thought I was going to be number four,” Jermaine admitted. He said that as the show continued, people kept being eliminated until he was one of the final two contestants standing onstage. “I just prayed and I had a conversation with god.”

Ellen: Why Did The Voice‘s Jermaine Paul Choose Blake Shelton?

Blake Shleton & The Voice's Jermaine Paul: Ellen

The Voice's Jermaine Paul told Ellen that he thinks of himself, like coach Blake Shelton, as a "man man." (Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com)

For anyone who’s unfamiliar with the format of The Voice, contestants select a famous musical icon to be their coach. Jermaine chose country music star Blake Shelton.

“Why did you go with Blake?” Ellen asked Jermaine. “That didn’t seem like the choice that you would make.”

Jermaine said a lot of people have said that to him, but he doesn’t understand why it was surprising to anyone.

“Blake is a ‘man man,'” Jermaine said. “And I consider myself a ‘man man.'”

“I think Adam and Cee Lo would be offended!” Ellen teased, referring to the show’s other judges, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green. “I really do like Blake. He’s very funny too.”

Jermaine said that Blake helped him to analyze the lyrical content of each song that he covered, so that he could be sure of the message he was sending out.

“He really helped me with that, finding great covers,” he said.

Ellen: Jermaine Paul Was Alicia Keys’ Backup Singer

Apparently Jermaine had been on Ellen’s show previously as a backup singer for Alicia Keys. Ellen asked him whether he had always wanted to be more than a backup singer.

“It was a great way to support my family, but I think now is a great way to step out on my own and seize my own path,” he said.

Ellen: Jermaine Paul Performs Journey’s ‘Open Arms’

This performance was a little strange to digest. On one hand, Jermaine clearly had a very well trained, powerful voice.

However, the song choice was puzzling. If you’re going to be singing soulfully, why choose an 80’s cheese rock power ballad? Bizarre.

Furthermore, Jermaine was onstage alone and standing pretty stiff. He didn’t dance or exhibit any sort of real showmanship.

Perhaps this is undue criticism, but it was also really amusing to hear him so delicately sing such a cheesy love song after seriously self ascribing as a “man man.”



  1. Angela Anzalone says

    ” cheesy” I think not. He won the show , “The Voice” and sung a song by “The Voice ” and I do not think that anything by Steve Perry is “cheesy” but rather it is great!

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