Ellen: Texas Homecoming Queen Gives Up Crown After Cruel Prank


Ellen TV: Homecoming Queen Gave Up Crown

Ellen DeGeneres explained that her first guests for her show were three high school students who truly understand what it means to be kind to one another.

The story began when a group of mean girls told an innocent senior, Lillian Skinner, that she’d be nominated for homecoming court, as a prank. That’s when two of Lillian’s friends who were nominated came up with a plan. Naomi Martinez explained they promised each other that no matter what, if one of them wins, they would given Lillian the crown. After Anahi Alvarez was announced as homecoming queen, she then honored Lillian Skinner by placing the crown on her head.


Ellen: Texas Homecoming Queen Gives Up Crown After Cruel Prank

Ellen talked with three young girls who came together after a cruel prank to give one of them the recognition she deserved. (eyespeak / Shutterstock.com)

Anahi said we need more people in this world like Lillian and when people ask her if she was homecoming queen she says no, Lillian was homecoming queen.

Ellen welcomed Anahi, Lillian, and Naomi to her show all the way from Texas.


Naomi explained that the three of them had known each other since seventh grade.

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Naomi also explained that they didn’t realize the prank was going on until they actually saw the ballot that didn’t have Lillian’s name on it, even though she had been told she was nominated. Naomi said when they first heard she was nominated they were so excited and planned to drop out in order to help Lillian with her campaign, but then they saw she wasn’t even in the running.

They went to their choir director and she suggested that they give Lillian the crown. Ellen asked Lillian how she felt when she found out she wasn’t nominated. Lillian said she wasn’t mad and didn’t judge people because her mom always taught her to look at people’s heart’s not their skin. She said if she’s upset, other people will be upset, so she wanted to be happy in order to make other people happy.

Ellen TV: Texas Homecoming Queen Shares Crown

Anahi then explained that when she won the crown, there was no hesitation before giving Lillian the crown. She said that homecoming is a big deal in Texas, but she was honored to give Lillian the crown that she deserved.

Lillian said she was really surprised when she got the crown because she likes to help people, but still thought she didn’t deserve it.

Ellen then announced that all three girls would be named Ellen’s first ever homecoming queens. She also shared that the three of them would have their picture put up in the hallway that displays pictures of their favorite guests.

Ellen: College Tuition Help From Shutterfly

At the end of the show Ellen invited the three girls to come back down and sit with her. The three girls said they were planning on going to college, so all three girls got $10,000 from Shutterfly to put toward their college educations.


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