Ellen: Temples “Shelter Song” + Noah Ritter Walking With Dinosaurs


Ellen TV: Temples “Shelter Song”

Ellen DeGeneres explained that Temples is an up and coming band from England and the minute she heard them she had to have them on her show. They made their television debut with their performance of “Shelter Song.”

Ellen: Noah Ritter

Ellen shared that her next guest makes her very happy. She first talked to Noah Ritter on September 11 2014 and she surprised him with tickets to go see Walking With Dinosaurs. Ellen welcomed 5-year-old Noah back to the show to tell her all about his experience.


Noah said his flight was “very, very, very fun” and he face-planted when he got off the plane. He shared that he also hurt his leg in the water at the beach, but doesn’t swim. “I just get hit by waves,” Noah said.

Noah then told Ellen that his parents aren’t married and sometimes when he causes enough trouble at home, his mom has to send him to his dad’s. Noah said his dad takes him to the “greatest pizza shop of all time.” Noah then started talking all about the game he likes to play and the levels he was on, none of which made sense to me, or even Ellen for that matter! Funny enough, he said he was weak in one area of the game.


Ellen TV: Noah Ritter Walking With Dinosaurs

Ellen: Temples "Shelter Song" + Noah Ritter Walking With Dinosaurs

Ellen sat down with Noah Ritter to talk about his experience at Walking with Dinosaurs and Universal Studios. (Elenarts / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen then said she wanted to take a look at Noah at Walking with Dinosaurs. The paleontologist at the show introduced himself to Noah and then asked him if he wanted to see some dinosaurs, to which Noah of course said yes. The paleontologist, name Thomas, asked Noah if he was there to see the dinosaurs and he said yeah, then said “pretty much they’re buying me dinner.”

Thomas first introduced Noah to stegosaurus. He knew all about the stegosaurus, including the fact that it had plates on his back to defend itself, and that it wouldn’t die without a fight.

Thomas then introduced Noah to a triceratops. Noah said he knew that it was a plant-eater because he “had seen a lot of dinosaur movies in his day.” When the triceratops blew steam out of its nose, Noah ran away screaming “he just sneezed on me!”

Ellen: Noah Ritter Dinosaurs

Next walked out a T-Rex and Noah said, “Do not move a muscle.”

“He would tear my arm off in a second,” Noah said about the T-Rex. “But if he tried to tear my leg off, then I would just use the other leg to kick him in eye.”

Noah thanked Ellen for sending him to the show, “even though I got sneezed on by a triceratops. It wasn’t real boogers, it was just water.”

Ellen TV: Noah Ritter At Universal Studios

Noah also got to go to the Universal Studios to see the dinosaurs there. He said “guess what? It said no flash photography but the people in the back of us were doing flash photography!”

He said even his grandpa was doing it, and then pointed to his grandpa and said, “that’s illegal grandpa.”

He told Ellen all about the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios, including which dinosaurs were where. Ellen asked him if he had some snacks while he was there and he said he had pizza. He said he likes pizza and nothing else. Ellen said she had a job for Noah if he wanted it.

She said she was going to send him to the Texas State Fair, and he was going to be a reporter. He would have a microphone and interview people. Noah was happy to do it, but wanted to make sure he could ride the rides as well. Ellen gave him a cowboy hat and bandanna to wear while he was there.


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