Ellen: Ted Danson CSI Medical Jargon & Overcoming Jet Lag Like a Drunk


Ellen: Ted Danson

Cheers star Ted Danson may be aging well on the outside, but he went a little loopy on Ellen. He laughed with Ellen about having jet lag, working all the time and acting like they were drunk.

“I’m not drunk by the way,” he clarified.


Sure you aren’t, Ted.

Ellen: Ted Danson CSI Medical Jargon & Overcoming Jet Lag Like a Drunk

Ted Danson and Ellen were so jet lagged that they couldn’t really talk. Instead, they talked about drinking and pets. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Ted Danson On Aging

Ted said that he is always working because then people don’t notice how much he’s aged. He said it’s like looking in a mirror. You can’t see yourself age the more you look in the mirror, so you should always be looking in mirrors.


At 65, Ted said that he still works out, but he calls it “rehab.” At this point he is exercising so he doesn’t creak when he walks. He said he tripped going upstairs twice the night before his interview. People probably think Ted Danson is a huge drunk at this point.

Ellen: CSI Medical Jargon

Ted said that the hardest part of his job on CSI is remembering and mastering the medical jargon. He and Ellen joked about the left lobe of the kidney. He said it’s hard to get away from it once he starts using it at work. His wife has to remind him to come back to normal, drunkish Ted.

Ellen: Ted Danson’s Pets

Ellen and Ted were so loopy by the end of the interview they just decided to look at pictures of his dogs and call it a day. He has two small dogs, Arthur and Lulu. Arthur is a miniature Australian Shepherd that is afraid of sheep. He and his wife found Lulu while walking around Mexico after a couple of margaritas.

Ted Danson sounds like the kind of guy you want at your party.

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