Ellen: Tayt Andersen Is Ellen’s Boyfriend, Disneyland & $10,000 Gift


Ellen: Tayt Andersen Ellen’s Boyfriend

In early January, Ellen met a special boy on her show over Skype named Tayt Andersen who was born with only half of his heart. Tayt Andersen told everyone in the hospital he was Ellen’s boyfriend and when he was on the show last time, she told him he was her only boyfriend. Ellen gave Tayt and his mother, Crissy, plane tickets to California and a trip to Disneyland. Now, she sat down with Tayt and his mother to see how they are doing.

Ellen: Tayt Andersen Disneyland

Ellen: Tayt Andersen Is Ellen's Boyfriend, Disneyland & $10,000 Gift

Ellen DeGeneres sent Tayt Andersen, a child with a heart condition, and his mother Crissy to Disneyland, and they came on the show to talk about it. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Tayt Andersen gave Ellen a huge hug when he came out. Tayt kept looking at himself on the cameras and Ellen said when he watches the show at home, he’s going to be watching himself watch himself.

Tayt’s mother Crissy said Tayt was really famous at Disneyland. People knew who he was and said, “You’re Ellen’s boyfriend.”

Ellen: Tayt Andersen Plane Flying

Tayt Andersen got to fly the plane on the way over. The pilot invited him into the cockpit. Ellen said he should’ve come sooner if he knew how to fly.


Ellen: Tayt Andersen Fan Response

Ellen asked Crissy how the response from fans was after the show. She said his Facebook page went from 1,000 fans to over 3500 and they received plenty of letters from people whose children had similar difficulties.

“It’s good to know you’re not alone and you’re helping touch so many people’s lives just by what your own child has been through,” Crissy said.

Ellen: Tayt Andersen Ellen Gift

Ellen gave Tayt and Crissy a giant framed photo of them at Disneyland. Ellen and Shutterfly also gave them a check for $10,000 to help pay for medical expenses.


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