Ellen: Taylor Swift & Zac Efron in The Lorax Dr. Seuss Movie


Ellen: The Lorax Movie Review

Ellen DeGeneres showed a clip from the new animated film The Lorax, with the voices of Taylor Swift and Zac Efron.

The characters in this movie exist in a world without trees, where “everything’s plastic and manufactured, and they have fake light-up trees,” Taylor explained.


Ellen: Taylor Swift In "The Lorax"

Ellen talked to Taylor Swift about the new Dr. Seuss movie, "The Lorax." (Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

The Lorax Movie Based On Dr. Seuss

Zac Efron said the movie, based on a children’s book by popular author Dr. Seuss, foreshadows what could happen to America.

Ellen called it “a great message and a great story.” The late Dr. Seuss’s wife, Audrey, asked Zac Efron to take this role, and of course he said yes.


Taylor Swift Animated Voice

Ellen has experience voicing an animated character. She had the memorable role of Dory in the 2003 Disney movie Finding Nemo. She asked the actors what it was like for them to hear their voices as animated characters.

Taylor Swift said she was surprised about the sound of her voice, but she has gotten used to it over time.

I know that’s what people say about hearing their voices, but you would think that someone who sings for a living would be used to hearing their own voice. Maybe singing sounds different than talking when you play it back.

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Taylor Swift: The Lorax Positive Message For Kids

Taylor called the movie adorable and she is excited to share the film’s positive message with young children. Ellen said children often watch their favorite movies repeatedly, and hopefully repeated viewing will make the movie’s message really sink in with little kids everywhere.

Ellen’s studio audience watched the film before this show taping. Based on their enthusiastic applause, they enjoyed the film, but it’s not like they are going to boo during a taping of a talk show taping.

The Lorax opens in theaters March 2.

Ellen: Audience Surprise

Ellen teased audience member Lisa about her upcoming surprise. Earlier in the show, Ellen mentioned she had an EMT and oxygen tank on hand in case Lisa got overwhelmed.

To heighten the suspense, Ellen had an EMT roll out a hospital bed in anticipation of Lisa’s big surprise.


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