Ellen: Taylor Swift Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie


Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Tea Time

When it comes to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, there is no such thing as too cute, and too much is never enough. What other explanation could there be for the ubiquity of little Brits Sophia Grace and Rosie’s umpteenth return to Ellen this month?

They recently had tea with Taylor Swift, and Ellen shared highlights from their chat with the singing star.


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Ellen: Taylor Swift Tea Time

Taylor Swift had tea with Sophia Grace & Rosie on Ellen's talk show. (Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Sophia Grace & Rosie: Taylor Swift

The girls had Taylor Swift put on a tutu and tiara to join them for tea time. She asked the girls who their favorite princess was, and they said it was her. Polite or pandering? You be the judge.


Taylor said she liked the colors Sophia Grace and Rosie were wearing, including pink, purple, and silver. She was impressed that they predicted she’d wear a gold dress to the Grammys.

Sophia Grace said she reads fashion magazines to learn about star trends. She said gold looks good on Taylor.

The girls all agreed that glitter glue is a great way to spice up your artwork.

Taylor Swift with Sophia Grace & Rosie

The girls asked Taylor if she ever gets hungry during her concerts and performances.

“Sometimes I do, actually,” she said.

They enjoyed cookies along with their tea. Taylor Swift said her favorite candy is chocolate. Rosie said she loves candy bars.

Ellen: Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend

If you were curious about the girls’ favorite ice cream flavor, they both enjoy chocolate. They asked Taylor Swift if she has a boyfriend, and she said no.

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Sophia Grace and Rosie said they do not have boyfriends, though Rosie said she had one in the past. Isn’t Rosie five years old?

Taylor said it’s great that Rosie is still friends with her former beau.

Ellen: Taylor Swift Joke

To conclude their tea time, Taylor did share a joke with the girls: “What did the ocean say to the sand? Nothing; it just waved.”

Rosie had her own joke: “Why does the banana go to the hospital? Because it isn’t peeling very well.”

Sophia Grace asked: “Where do fish get their money from? The river bank.”


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