Ellen: Taylor Lautner Shirtless Picture & Robert Pattinson’s Dog Bear


Ellen: Taylor Lautner Shirtless

Ellen: Taylor Lautner Shirtless Picture & Robert Pattinson's Dog Bear

Ellen shows a picture of a young Taylor Lautner shirtless, talks about Robert Pattinson’s obsession with hats & they both talk about their dogs, Bear & Roxy. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Women everywhere like seeing Taylor Lautner shirtless, so Ellen gave them what they want: a picture of a very young Lautner showing off his six-pack on the red carpet. He seemed really embarrassed by the picture, but he was ripped when he was only 10. You can see the picture in the video below.


Ellen gave Lautner a special Ellen shirt that would cover his chest. So he wouldn’t have to lift his shirt up to show off his abs.

Ellen: Robert Pattinson Hat Collection

Apparently Robert Pattinson loves buying hats on Ebay and Craiglist. But he said he likes the bartering the most. He wants to try and barter his arm hair for a new car. Or get money to stick his finger in someone’s ear. But he was only asking $5 to stick his finger in someone’s ear.

I know plenty of women that would let him do that for way more than $5. Anyway, Ellen gave him a “blinged” out Ellen hat for his collection.


Ellen: Twilight Stars’ Dogs

Ellen asked them both about their dogs. Pattinson said he had two dogs and Lautner said he had one.

Lautner said he really wanted to get a big manly dog when he was growing up, but he had to get a small dog that would be easy to travel with. He said he loves his dog Roxy though. Ellen showed a picture of the dog in a suitcase and said they aren’t supposed to travel that way. Lautner said she always jumps in his bag when he is packing to go somewhere because she really wants to go with him.

Pattinson said he wanted a big, manly dog as well, but his dog isn’t huge. He said got the dog from a shelter in New Orleans. The dog was in a five-day kill shelter and was on its fourth day there when he rescued her.

He said a few days later he was flying the dog, named Bear, to Los Angeles with the dog in a private jet. And when he got to the hotel he didn’t have any dog food so he gave the dog some proscuitto. This dog went from being one day from dying to the first class life.


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