Ellen: Taylor Kitsch Used To Be Homeless & ‘Battleship’ Review


Ellen: Taylor Kitsch

Ellen interviewed Taylor Kitsch about how he used to be homeless. Then he gave her a Battleship review.

Taylor Kitsch: Battleship

Ellen shared a preview of the summer blockbuster Battleship.


Taylor Kitsch New York Vs LA: Ellen

Taylor Kitsch compared being homeless in New York Vs LA and talked about sharks on the set of "Battleship." (Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)

The preview featured Taylor Kitsch’s character, Alex Hopper, celebrating his birthday at a bar. His friend lit him a candle and told him to make a wish. Alex was clearly intending to make his wish on a young woman who was standing at the end of the bar. His friend advised him to wish for something more important than a lover. Alex made his wish anyway and then got up to talk to the woman.

Taylor Kitsch Is A ‘Huge Fan’ Of Ellen

After Taylor Kitsch sat down across from Ellen, he confessed that he’s a big fan of her show.


“I’m a huge fan by the way,” he said. “I did a film a few years back and I had to lose a bunch of weight. I had two months to lose 35 pounds and your show helped me. It was my cardio show. Every morning I would watch and run.”

Taylor Kitsch Homeless: New York Vs LA

Taylor Kitsch told Ellen that after he left his small town home outside of Vancouver, he spent several months homeless.

“I went to New York to study,” Taylor said. “I think within the first month, I ended up losing all my money. Slept in a subway for a month.”

Then Taylor moved to L.A.

“If you are going to go homeless, do it in L.A.,” he said. “It’s easier.”

Taylor said that he used to drive his car to the top of Malibu, where he could escape the bright lights of the city and finally fall asleep.

Ellen asked what jobs helped him break free of poverty and make it as an actor. He guessed that it was either Snakes On A Plane or John Tucker Must Die.

“I don’t know how I didn’t win an Oscar for that,” Taylor joked.

Ellen: Taylor Kitsch Battleship Review

Taylor told Ellen how Battleship was shot in Pearl Harbor.

“It was an amazing time,” he said. “It was great.”

Ellen asked Taylor about a stunt that she heard scared him a little bit.

“So you were swimming in the middle of the ocean and there was nothing near you to save you if there was sharks,” Ellen said.

Apparently that really freaked Taylor out. He said that while he was doing the stunt, he was thinking to himself, “There’s about 12 to 15 sharks just waiting for me.”

“They hear that splash and they think, ‘That’s food!'” Ellen teased.


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