Ellen: Teen Makeup Artist Talia Castellano is Honorary Cover Girl


Ellen: Talia Castellano Interview

Ellen said she got a lot of emails and Facebook posts about a girl named Talia Castellano. Six years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and she is 13 years old now. She is an aspiring makeup artist and it was her dream to meet Ellen and Ellen said, of course, it became her dream to meet her too.

Talia Castellano: Makeup Artist

Ellen talked with Talia Castellano, a 13 year old with cancer, who is an aspiring makeup artist and makes Youtube videos giving out makeup tips.

Ellen talked with Talia Castellano, a 13 year old with cancer, an aspiring makeup artist who makes YouTube videos and has over 14.5 million views.


Ellen said she really is an amazing makeup artist. Talia said when she was first diagnosed six years ago, her Mom’s friend Tammy, who is also a cancer survivor, brought her over to her house so they could talk about stuff. She said Tammy showed her her makeup and ever since then she was fascinated with the colors and everything and it was amazing. Ellen said that now Talia posts videos on YouTube and gives people tips and she has over 14 million views and she has become very good at it.

Talia Castellano: Honorary Cover Girl

Ellen, being a Cover Girl herself, said that Cover Girl heard Talia’s story and they want to make Talia an honorary Cover Girl and gave her a makeup table and a bunch of makeup and a check for $20,000.

Talia Castellano: Dream to Do Ellen’s Makeup

One of Talia’s dreams is to do Ellen’s makeup and Ellen said she obviously couldn’t do her makeup right now because she is doing a show, but it was one of Ellen’s writers (Lauren) birthday on September 12 2012 and she is not feeling great, so Talia will do her makeup for her.


Talia Castellano: An Inspiration

Ellen said she meets a lot of people and she is inspired by people like Talia. She said there are a lot of people that go through struggling situations and despite what the doctors said and the cancer she is going through, she stays so positive. Talia said, “What do you want me to do, be depressed? A little fishy told me to just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Ellen said there is a depth to her soul and she has an old soul and it has been an honor to meet her.



  1. Rhiannon Parsley rhiannon parsley says

    I work with William Edge Salon & Spa We would love to have Talia come be our guest make up artist at Nashville Fashion Week, I have tried several other outlets to get in touch with someone, please please pass this along!!! I saw her on Ellen!! Please get someone in touch with me!!! Thank you 🙂

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