Ellen TV: Coach Ken Henderson

Ellen DeGeneres said one of the things she loves about her job is getting to meet amazing teachers. She said she loves to help people who give their own money, extra time, and always put in a lot of effort to help the lives of children. She shared clips of various teachers she’s met, including Rachel Faust from Van E. Blanton Elementary in Miami, Florida, and Sara Ferguson from Columbus Elementary in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Each teacher shared their experience and explained why they do what they do, and Ellen surprised each one of them with huge, well deserved gifts. Ellen even had some celebrities help her with surprises for teachers and students, including Justin Bieber and Pharrell Williams.

Ellen: Surprise For View Park High School Coach Ken Henderson

Ellen had a surprise for yet another well-deserving teacher and coach. (Frannyanne / Shutterstock.com)

Speaking of incredible teachers, Ellen then welcomed coach Ken Henderson from View Park High School in Crenshaw, California. He had a very big hug for Ellen and told her that he was always told he was a natural teacher when he was growing up, but never knew what that meant until he got older.

Ellen: View Park High School Coach Ken Henderson

He said when he got older he realized he wanted to help kids do something special with their lives. Ellen said a typical day for Ken starts with him waking up at 5:30 in the morning and leaving the house by 6:30. He starts work at 7:30, going from classes to classes until 4:00 when school is over. He then goes from class to “coach mode” when he gets on the bus with his team and then takes the bus over to the field and practice until about 7:00. When practice is over, they take the bus back to the school, and he waits for all the kids to get picked up and hopefully gets home by 10:30-11:00 every night.

Ellen then shared a clip of Ken telling his story. He shared that he’s been with View Park for eight years, and the school is in the middle of a neighborhood where they could be gangs on the side of the street. He said when he first started working there, he thought it was a place with a “beacon of light.” He thought it was a place where students could focus and strive to be someone in life.

Ken shared that he mentors a lot of students who come from homes where sometimes he’s the only male figure that they have. When asked how he thinks it affects children coming from a single-parent home, Ken said that question was touchy for him, because the kids feel they can open up to him because they knew he will support him.

His students know that he’s there for him, and one even called him a superhero. Ken said his goal for the kids at View Park is to love and share and know they’re going to go on to give back to society.

Ellen TV: Surprise For California Coach and Teacher

Ken said when he’s walking around campus he feels the energy from the kids, and it’s fulfilling to know he can connect with them and help them. Ellen then shared that Shutterfly is giving View Park High School a check for $25,000. Some of Ken’s students and athletes walked out holding the check, surprising coach Ken.

Ellen then explained that she was going to give Ken a chance to double the $25,000 he got. Ellen gave him one minute to knock down six football players by throwing the football as well as kick a field goal. If he accomplished that he would win $25,000. Coach Ken had a bunch of his players and students cheering him on.

Coach Ken showed off his skills and easily doubled his money!

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