Ellen: Steven Yeun The Walking Dead, Blood Poisoning & Halloween Scare


Ellen: Steven Yeun The Walking Dead

Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead came by Ellen to talk about the show. It turns out that The Walking Dead was his second-ever audition in Los Angeles. Ellen said it must’ve been meant to be, but he’s on a show where everyone gets killed, so he could get killed.

Ellen TV: Steven Yeun Saskatchewan

Ellen: Steven Yeun The Walking Dead, Blood Poisoning & Halloween Scare

Steven Yeun came by Ellen to talk about his show The Walking Dead and the blood poisoning injury he got on set. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Steven Yeun said he was born in Seoul, South Korea, and then moved to Saskatchewan. When he mentioned Saskatchewan, there was a crazy cheer from four or five people in the audience.

“What? What are you doing here? You should be manning the tills over there or something,” he said.

Ellen: Steven Yeun Parents

After leaving there, he moved to Michigan. It’s worth noting that no one reacted to Michigan. Steven Yeun’s parents weren’t happy with his decision to act. But now they have a lot of advice for him and pretend they know everything about the industry. His dad told him he should wear a suit everywhere, even when he goes to get oranges. His dad was worried if someone took a picture of him, he would look stupid because he wasn’t in a suit.


Ellen TV: Steven Yeun Blood Poisoning

There’s a lot of physicality in The Walking Dead and other people on the show get cool scars. But Steven Yeun said his injury wasn’t that cool. He had to do a stunt where he falls back and lands on his arm. He kept doing it and his arm started to bleed. He wiped it off and thought he was fine, but the next morning his arm was double the normal size.

It turns out he had blood poisoning. He had to get a steroid shot and an antibiotic shot in his butt.

“And the nurse, she said I had a very taut tushy. I’ve been doing squats, so,” he said.

“What a wonderful compliment,” Ellen said. “I love when they compliment your butt right before they put a shot inside of you.”

Ellen: Halloween Scares

Ellen said that for Halloween, The Walking Dead is the theme for Universal Studies. So she sent her producer Andy to see what’s going on with it. He gets scared of everything. It was really funny to watch him wander through the halls of a haunted house. Ellen didn’t introduce the woman with him, but Andy kept pushing her in front of him as a human shield.

Steven Yeun said his father did the same thing to his mother when they went to a haunted house, shoving her in front of him as a human shield.


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